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    RIP Pete Carril

    RIP Coachie!
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    Who would you hire as the new Kings GM?

    Webster or Simon. Maybe Larry Bird.
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    Cousins extension?

    Yes please!
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    Demarcus Cousins

    Here you go -
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    Current Team Discussion and Possible Trades

    Goran Dragic, Heat Open To Pursuing Trade Scenarios
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    Official how many wins will the Kings have in the 2016-2017 season

    81. One loss due to the team resting players one game right before their playoff run. Then they will eventually win the championship sweeping both the Warriors and Cavs.
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    If you could ask DMC one question....

    "If you were a sandwich, which sandwich would you be?"
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    Annual DMC trade thread

    Wish Adelman would coach again.
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    Andrea Bargnani not the next King (merged)

    Woo-Hoo!!! Yes!!!
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    Josh Smith?

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    Bajaden needs your prayers

    Get Well!!! :)
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    Who do You want as the next Kings Head Coach?

    1) Rick Adelman 2) Jerry Sloan 3) George Karl
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    Boogie & Rudy's Excellent Adventure