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    Sabonis at the Four?

    Does Len provide enough shooting to pull out the opposing five? I know he can hit the three, but I'm not sure he's formidable enough of a threat to provide that. I also have concerns with Sabonis guarding most fours on the perimeter. He is moving better this year, but I don't know that he can be...
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    [Game] Kings @ Phoenix Suns, 2/13/2024, 7:00p PT/10:00p ET (TNT)

    Fox, Domas, and Monk and had incredible individual offensive performances to make this close. Offense struggles to get easy baskets, but defense is the issue as everyone's mentioning. Our perimeter defense is atrocious. You just mentioned the double teams, but also the over-switching in the 4th...
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    [NBA] West Playoffs, Round Two

    Murray was great last night though, and apparently has been all postseason but i won't make that claim since yesterday's game was the first Denver playoff game I've seen this year. But Porter is atrocious. He rebounds well and aggressively but his shot selection is putrid and he is so focused...
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    What has to happen to move forward next year

    I think the need is to upgrade as many rotational pieces as possible to players who are at least passable on both sides of the ball. The biggest issue I saw throughout the season, including the GS series, was the constant conceding of one side of the ball for the other, especially on the...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Timberwolves 3/4/2023, 7p Pacific/10p Eastern

    It all stems from literally zero pride in keeping the opposing ball handler in front of them as defenders. That initial failed point of attack defense leads to both easy looks in the paint and easy 3 pointers. And is the next step this team needs to take in its development.
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    Kings Playoff Standings Watch!!!

    I'll be rooting for the teams closest to us in the standings to lose. I understand rooting for the 4-8 teams to beat up on the 9-13 teams to create some separation, but top 6 is the goal to avoid any potential play-in disasters. So give me Dallas losses all day to give us an extra half game cushion.
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    Tyrese Watch 2022-23

    Interesting stat from that ESPN article, which addresses that naturally primary ball handlers will make the most grenade passes as a product of being responsible for generating the team's offense. The biggest takeaway for me: Jokic has taken the 2nd most of those kinds of shots in the last 10...
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    Potential Free agent/trade/sign tracker

    If he can turn into a competent 3 point shooter, that's great and exactly what we need. Of course, shooting is one of the easier skills to develop, but at this point there isn't really anything giving confidence or even hope that he can do so. But I wonder if Davion's elite quickness and change...
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    [Game] Kings @ Pacers 2/3/2023 4pm Pacific 7pm Eastern

    Davion's game just doesn't fit Mike Brown's system. It's really unfortunate because of how great of a defender he is, not mention how likeable and hard working. He isn't a good shooter and doesn't provide offensive value if he isn't attacking the paint on iso or PnR. I'm not sure if there's a...
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    Potential Free agent/trade/sign tracker

    I disagree with your basic philosophy of retaining the starting 5 + davion, monk simply because i don't trust any of those players defensively on the perimeter outside of Davion who only plays 19mpg and is too small to really shut down bigger guards and wings. Our perimeter defenders are not...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Cavaliers, 11/09/2022 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    Man its good to see the Kings win at all, but especially a close game by executing down the stretch.
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    [Game] Kings @ Warriors, 10/23/2022 5:30pm Pacific, 8:30pm Eastern

    My heart so badly wants not to start 0-3 thay it's telling me the Kings take this one, but my head is struggling to reason exactly how that'll happen. I think it'll require the Warriors to be really sloppy with turnovers and fall in love with the three on an off shooting night. There's been a...
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    [Game] Preseason Kings vs. Blazers 10/9/2022 6pm Pacific 9pm Eastern

    I had lots of the same takeaways. The shooting and defensive effort on this team are much improved. I was particularly impressed with the team defense. Great defensive rotations and I really was impressed Sabonis' team defense. Thank God Brown isn't having them switch every screen no questions...
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    Tyrese Haliburton wants Kings to regret trade, sees Pacers as 'blessing'

    Much ado about nothing. Of course he wishes the Kings regret the trade. That just means that he and the Pacers have the level of success he was hoping to have in Sacramento. I suppose the Kings could also see success and neither side regrets the trade, but ultimately just a competitor using...
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    what was the last movie you watched?

    I watched this with my brothers a couple days ago. I knew I wouldn't like it because I generally dislike superhero movies, but I went along with it because they both wanted to see it. All 3 of us thought it was bad to awful with a baseline level of entertaining enough to endure the entire thing...
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    Kings trade Tyrese and Buddy for Sabonis and Holiday and Lamb

    I've been saying all season that this team just needed a change. Any change. Because things were broken and irreparable as they were. I'm devastated by the choice of change, but also can't argue this is a big time change. This either makes us better going forward because we added an all star big...
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    Kings trade Tyrese and Buddy for Sabonis and Holiday and Lamb

    Seeing that is like seeing a hot ex in a bikini at the beach with her new boyfriend. I'm so jealous right now.
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    Kings trade Tyrese and Buddy for Sabonis and Holiday and Lamb

    I have no words. Can't even process the basketball implications because Tyrese was the one player on this team that I wanted to be a King for life.
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (FEB)

    Three observations from Sixers vs. Mavs tonight: -Philly needs to learn how to break down a zone and dare I say really missed Ben Simmons (sorely needed some ball handling) -Dallas' defense is pretty scary good; if they can play with that defensive intensity they can take anyone out. -Luka...