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  1. kennadog

    Las Vegas Summer League 2017

    Been in LV since Friday's game. Just lurking.
  2. kennadog

    Kings Fan Fest!

    I went last night with my son and grandkids. It was more fun than it has been in a while. And the arena is beyond beautiful! I was really bursting with Sacramento pride. And 10,000 people rode light rail yesterday, including us. Food is expensive, but very, very good. A major upgrade. Of course...
  3. kennadog

    Darren Collison Pleads Guilty

    He's known her since high school and there are no other reported incidents of domestic violence in the past. He seems truly contrite. From personal experience, I know that things can go badly to the point of physical violence between any couple and then it never happens again. If he does this...
  4. kennadog

    2016 NBA Draft Discussion

    The only thing I know for sure about tonight is that I may never learn to pronounce most of the names right.:p
  5. kennadog

    2016 NBA Draft Discussion

    The picked was still widely reviled by Kings fans. Petrie took major grief from the fans for quite awhile.
  6. kennadog

    2016 NBA Draft Discussion

    I just know we'll have to wait a while to truly judge this draft. Kings fans booed the Peja pick, too. You never know. Especially when you're not drafting on the top three. Even then it can go bad.
  7. kennadog

    2016 NBA Draft Discussion

    Draft Express says he's quite, mobile, fast and agile for his size. Good leaper, too. That doesn't sound plodding to me. And he's very young.
  8. kennadog

    [Grades] Grades v. Celtics and Cavs 2/7/16 - 2/8/16, w/ girls

    God, I'm so depressed watching this team. To the players: Maybe you think it's okay to quit on your coach. But the truth is, you are quitting on the fans. That just is not acceptable to me. :mad:
  9. kennadog

    [Game] Pistons @ Kings- 11/11/15 - 7 PT, 10 ET

    Trying to remain ever hopeful. Will always be faithful. But it sure takes fortitude to be a Kings fan.
  10. kennadog

    [Grades] Grades v. Spurs 11/9/2015

    We can talk about lineups and offensive/defensive schemes, but can any one explain why this damn team sucks horribly at the free throw line? It's pathetic.
  11. kennadog

    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    The Julio situation is mysterious and I will admit to being tired of Rusty. He needs to go away to college, lol. Forgot to mention Elementary as a favorite of mine.
  12. kennadog

    [Game] Rockets @ Kings - Friday, 11/6/15 - 7:30 PT, 10:30 ET

    Going to the game. Trying to decide what to wear. A paper bag over the head? Someone said root for the Warriors? I'd rather be boiled in oil or watch Real Housewives reruns forever.
  13. kennadog

    The season is over

    Seems appropriate. ;)
  14. kennadog

    [Game] Kings @ Suns - 11/4/15 - 6 PT, 9 ET

    If I could, I'd smack you for that. NEVER ask that.
  15. kennadog

    [Game] Kings @ Suns - 11/4/15 - 6 PT, 9 ET

    Thank goodness the torture is over. I can change the channel.
  16. kennadog

    [Game] Kings @ Suns - 11/4/15 - 6 PT, 9 ET

    This is my third season as a season ticket holder. I wanted to support my team. They are making it really f***ing hard. *sigh*
  17. kennadog

    [Game] Grizzlies @ Kings - 11/3/15 - 7 PST, 10 EST

    I was at the game. It really sucked.
  18. kennadog

    Spears: Rondo Might Be The Perfect Fit For the Kings

    I believe the news link thread automatically posts links to internet articles the Kings are mentioned in. Sometimes the mention is tangential to the main article.
  19. kennadog

    [Game] Grizzlies @ Kings - 11/3/15 - 7 PST, 10 EST

    I'm always a little disappointed when I go to the game and know I won't see Boogie on the court. However, rest up Big Cuz and... GO KINGS!