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  1. km23

    [2023] Birthday Shout Out Thread

    Thank you!!
  2. km23

    Jordan Ford

    I agree with this about Ford, although I am rooting for him.
  3. km23

    We Need To Talk About Queta

    I’m just not ready to give up on Queta yet. I can’t get the thought of Hassan whitesides career path out of my head. Yes the circumstances are different to where Whiteside was lazy and our organization wasn't really good at developing players, compared to where I have complete confidence in the...
  4. km23

    (3)Kings versus (6)Warriors Pre-Playoff Series Thread

    This thread is so cool to see. It actually happened. Let’s get after it!
  5. km23

    [Game] Kings vs. Knickerbockers, 3/9/2023 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern (TNT)

    Damn, took some time away from the board and see things are exactly the same. lol. For better or for worse. All I know is this season has been crazy awesome and LIGHT THAT MF BEAM!!!!
  6. km23

    Welcome PJ Dozier

    I was ready for that buzzer and yet I still wasn’t ready for that buzzer. Haha
  7. km23

    [Game] Kings vs. Suns, 11/28/2022 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    A damn 16 year playoff-less streak doesn’t change over night. Look how far we’ve come in 19 games with NEW COACHING AND NEW SYSTEMS. like cmon people. It’s so irritating reading some of the dumb crap some of y’all say. I for one am super excited to watch this season play out. carry on
  8. km23

    Keegan Murray

    nba had a league wide stats malfunction Friday night!
  9. km23

    [Game] Kings vs. Thunder [Vegas Summer League] 7/13/2022 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern (NBATV)

    This. A million times. Their favorite reporter is probably Jason Jones. But even Jones has been positive the last 2 weeks lol
  10. km23

    2022 California Classic Day 3 7/5/2022 (Kings vs Lakers 2:30PM Pacific, NBATV)

    How are you continually so negative? Lol props on the long-standing effort.
  11. km23

    Mike Brown Introductory Press Conference

    You just wake up and get right to work taking care of us on this board, huh Tetsujin. Bless you
  12. km23

    Mike Brown Introductory Press Conference

    I don’t know about y’all. I know it’s just a introductory press conference but I am STOKED for this season and the following three with Coach Brown!
  13. km23


    never thought about this. But I like this thought. I have no answer tho. Lol.
  14. km23

    On-Night Off-Night

    I just really feel like If Davion stays apart of this team great things will happen. Maybe not right away. But I believe in him. It takes a team but I want a team with Davion Mitchell on it no doubt about it.
  15. km23

    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Just saw this on instagram was coming to report. Glad to see someone else saw it! I think this could be huge for Sabonis. Fingers crossed
  16. km23

    Mike Brown hired as Head Coach

    Unrelated.. I love the Deuce and Mo pod
  17. km23

    [Game] Kings @ Nets, 2/14/2022 4:30pm Pacific 7:30pm Eastern

    It’s crazy that even when we were down 18 I felt confident we will win this game. That’s a good feeling. I’m excited for the future
  18. km23


    I wish I could heart this!