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  1. Sac.1989

    NBA and Euro leagues flip flopped?

    Agree with both your sentiments. End of the day the stereotypes were extreme and many NBA teams were able to capitalize by landing talent from overseas which others would not consider. If Drazen continued his trajectory and we were allowed to appreciate his genius for a bit longer, i truly...
  2. Sac.1989

    The Sharks!!!

    Sharks to win the Stanley Cup with statistically the worst goalkeeping, dispelling the notion you need to ride a hot goalie through the post season
  3. Sac.1989

    NBA/Kings Draft Lottery Thread

    Prepare for us to beat the odds. Seriously. I full well expect it
  4. Sac.1989

    Is Giles really a future center?

    I think he can hit at the same rate from 40 plus feet and id like to see him develop that ;) I agree though, just want him to continue to work on it to solidify its consistency
  5. Sac.1989

    Is Giles really a future center?

    Yeah i have to agree. Giles should add size and weight, his game will benefit from it and he is a more natural fit at C for me. Its the modern NBA and both Giles and Bagley have skills that transfer to each position. I am not one for funneling players into positions but specialization and a...
  6. Sac.1989

    [NBA] Eastern Conference Semifinals

    Kyrie is done as a Celtic. Finishes his time an inefficient chucker. On to the Knicks
  7. Sac.1989

    The All-Purpose LOL Lakers thread

    "I want to go back to having fun. I want to go back to who I was before taking on this job"
  8. Sac.1989

    How good was Allen Iverson?

    Iverson was great and his impact and impression on basketball goes long beyond the statistics. Yes he never won and hoop heads will always say he wasnt truly a team player but AI truly was a global basketball icon
  9. Sac.1989

    De’Aaron Fox - Nike Air Max 1 “Swipa” Release

    Might add to your steal count
  10. Sac.1989

    De’Aaron Fox - Nike Air Max 1 “Swipa” Release

    Been awhile since a Kings player had a sneaker/sneaker collaboration De'Aaron seems well on his way to having his own shoe starting with this 'lifestyle' piece
  11. Sac.1989

    Making the case for DeWayne Dedmon:

    I like the sound of Bryant and would appreciate that thread if it were to be started ;)
  12. Sac.1989

    Allegations against Luke Walton (split from new coach thread)

    Magic holds himself as greater than the Lakers. He is showtime in his eyes. I'll miss him on the Lakers trainwreck. It really is a loss for us because it gives them a chance to bring in someone competent. That being said they are looking to hire a coach before a GM so as long as Buss continues...
  13. Sac.1989

    Does Bagley remind you of Siakam?

    Nate Archibald, Mr. 34 and 11 ! What a time that would have been
  14. Sac.1989

    Making the case for DeWayne Dedmon:

    Good points. I think that whilst offense isnt a problem per say, with bagley and fox more or less being able to dictate what they want, offensive synergy as a collective could be better. Case in point is the impact of Bjelica. We are night and day a better offensive unit with the skillset he...
  15. Sac.1989

    Making the case for DeWayne Dedmon:

    I see him as a primary target based on fit. He ticks all our boxes and should be affordable. I do see the hawks wanting to keep him around though. He just had a career year and fits well with young. We will have to overpay for his services but can afford it. The only question mark i have is he...
  16. Sac.1989

    [NBA] Western Conference Semifinals

    Houston have to focus on the game and getting their two wins at home. They are far too encapsulated in the sub plots; the refereeing, the trash talking etc and its taking away from their purpose. To beat Golden state you need to be dialed in at 110% and i am not seeing it from Houston. They...
  17. Sac.1989

    What about Burks ?

    That could have absolutely been the case. I see it as we brought him here with a purpose, that being to help us push for the playoffs. It didnt work out. I agree he got misplayed while here. More than likely sails off into the sunset but i guess it will come down to how much value Vlade...
  18. Sac.1989

    What about Burks ?

    I know. In any case his value has diminished if that is the measure we are evaluating him against given he hasnt been playing. My point is more so that he was of value to us/vlade held him in a positive regard given he shipped out shump for him.
  19. Sac.1989

    What about Burks ?

    Theres value there in that we traded fan and locker room favorite, Shump for him envisoning a playoff run that he would have been a key piece for. The kicker is he didnt play much so am intrigued as to if we bring him back if there isnt much of a market or if we still value his services. I...
  20. Sac.1989

    What about Burks ?

    I mean Vlade did trade from him right ? on paper he was a strong addition, but our now departed coach chose not to play him. What is his value in Free Agency ? Does Vlade choose to resign him and at what price ? He, out of all of our free agents intrigues me the most