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  1. kingofkings07

    What are you reading?

    Rev. Ike's Secrets For Health, Joy and Prosperity, For YOU.
  2. kingofkings07

    what was the last movie you watched?

    I watched a punk movie called Jubliee (1978) not long ago (Not bad) and watched Dune Part 2 and Rebel Moon Part 2 - all very good.
  3. kingofkings07

    The Sweet Science

    It's on like Donkey Kong - 11 days and counting to the biggest Undisputed fight in 25 years - Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk. 8 titles will be on the line including Riydah seasons very own heavyweight title. Lots of nerves will be on show Saturday night (May 18th) I had my fight party planned out...
  4. kingofkings07

    Food thread/what are you eating?

    Long grain rice and chicken jalfrezi from costco tastes amazing when boiled/microwaved properly, along with a fizzy drink.
  5. kingofkings07

    The MMA thread

    UFC 301 should be fun this weekend, I'm looking forward to Derrick Lewis vs Rodrigo Nascimento.
  6. kingofkings07

    what was the last movie you watched?

    Badland Hunters was ok.
  7. kingofkings07

    The Soccer Thread

    Liverpool fans are crying right now. Man Utd fans are laughing.
  8. kingofkings07

    The Sweet Science

    Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk heavyweight Undisputed is going down Feb 17th in Saudi, ALL the belts will be on the line. Who you got winning and how? Plan your fight party now sports fans and remember watch out for the greedy beeps who eat everything very quickly. Because the fight is in Saudi...
  9. kingofkings07

    The Sweet Science

    This Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou fight Saturday afternoon has the potential to be fight of the year. Could we see an upset? Makhmudov, Joseph Parker, Martin Bakole, Moses Itauma, Carlos Takam, Fabio Wardley and David Adeleye all feature on the undercard. Oh, remember the name Duran? well Duran...
  10. kingofkings07

    TV - What's your passion (NON-sports)?

    All this talk makes me want to binge watch all things Star Wars;)
  11. kingofkings07

    The Boxing Thread.

    I hear Tyson Fury battling Francis Ngannou at the end of the month will be juicy. Could there be an upset, surely not?
  12. kingofkings07

    what was the last movie you watched?

    Alien Aliens Dead Ringer (Finished watching today) Candyman (Finished watching today) The Mist The Equalizer 3 Cool As Ice Super Fly Apocalypse Now Robocop 1 Robocop 2 Robocop 3 Salo Layer Cake The Song Remains The Same (1976) Kate Nell (Lord of mercy Jodie Foster)