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  1. LT-Sac-Town

    Kings picking 13th overall (formerly the draft lotto thread)

    I think there's plenty of talent in this draft at the back end of the lottery and #13 is a great place to be. Wings or a stretch 4, who can also play defense/rim protect should be in order. Taking a look at the draft board I really like Dalton Knecht, Cody Williams, Tristian De Silva or even...
  2. LT-Sac-Town

    “RUN IT BACK!” / Monte needs to fix this.

    Obviously moves need to be made, but I still like our chances next year. Based on what's happened so far this year in the playoffs, I expect a regression from the Lakers, Clippers, Warriors, Suns, and my bold prediction is the Pelicans and maybe the Nuggets. Mavs will be interesting to watch as...
  3. LT-Sac-Town

    The Sabonis Thread

    While this is funny, these voters are a complete joke lol
  4. LT-Sac-Town

    Colby Jones

    Still excited about him, saw a lot of good things. I wonder if the plan is to move Heurter to the 6 man role if we lose Monk, have Ellis remain the starter, then have Jones soak up Duarte’s mins.
  5. LT-Sac-Town

    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Think his analysis about Monk is spot on. I feel good about keeping him on a 4/78 since that seems to be his market rate this off season, the only big question is how bad does he want to be a starter. I don't see Philly thinking he would be a good backcourt mate with Maxey due to size concerns...
  6. LT-Sac-Town

    Kings trade rumor SZN 2023-2024 edition!

    Yeah, he's a UFA. Definitely, he is basically in the same situation that Keon will be in, even though he didn't really breakout until this year, which was the last year of his deal. I think we already know what we have with Keon and still have two years left.
  7. LT-Sac-Town

    Kings trade rumor SZN 2023-2024 edition!

    I’d be all over Naji Marshall if I was Monte. Much improved 3, great defense, and more size.
  8. LT-Sac-Town


    I think what will really help us in retaining Monk is what D'Angelo Russell decides to do. Didn't realize how good a season he had until I saw his stats - 18/3/6 on 45% and 41.5% from 3. Hopefully he decides to decline his player option because the teams interested in Monk should be more...
  9. LT-Sac-Town

    [Game] Kings @ Pelicans (Play-In Tournament) - 4/19 6:30PM PDT/9:30 PM EDT

    If Sabonis is off to a bad start, then we NEED to see more Alex Len. He can be a great asset for us, especially in a very physical matchup with the Pels
  10. LT-Sac-Town

    Keon Tyrese Ellis

    No matter how this years ends, the biggest win by far is uncovering and seeing Keon become a key contributor. Exactly what this team needed, knock down 3, great defense, very active hands, and a disruptor on the defensive end.
  11. LT-Sac-Town

    [Game] Kings vs. Pelicans - 4/11/2024 - 7:00PM PDT/10:00PM EDT (TNT)

    Unfortunately, this team is dead without Malik
  12. LT-Sac-Town

    Monk feared to have sprained MCL (Update: out 4-6 weeks)

    I believe the answer is more of what we saw last night. Total wildcard, but I think it’s Kessler Edwards. Hopefully he can build off of last night.
  13. LT-Sac-Town

    De’Aaron “Austin Reaves Sr.” Fox

    Remember watching this game my senior year of college. After it I was thinking, "man, please let the Kings somehow get Fox" every day I'm thankful for the 76ers, Lakers, and Suns draft blunder. Nice to be on the other side of this predicament for once.
  14. LT-Sac-Town

    Keon Ellis

  15. LT-Sac-Town

    Keon Ellis

    Yes, can we please start this man for the rest of the year?
  16. LT-Sac-Town

    [Game] Kings vs. Grizzlies - 3/18/2024 - 7PM PST/10PM EST

    Give me Keon in the starting lineup to get us out to the strongest start possible, then we can play Heurter heavy minutes in the 4th to build confidence when we are up by 20-25+ :cool:
  17. LT-Sac-Town

    What are the "hot"Kings games?

    We're done playing the Lakers, Nuggets, and Warriors and have the tiebreaker against all of them. One could argue every single game could be "hot" since the standings are changing on a nightly basis. I'd circle the back-to-back home games against the Mavs, the home game against the Clippers, and...
  18. LT-Sac-Town

    Kings sign Keon Ellis to 3-year deal

    More PT please