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  1. kgrichwine

    [Grades] Grades v. Magic 2/23/11

    Taylor showed he deserves minutes tonight!
  2. kgrichwine

    [Grades] Grades v. Thunder 2/12/11

    I hope there are some pretty girls in there! Like Angelina Jolie, talk about desecrating a piece of art.
  3. kgrichwine

    Cousins suspended by the team

    I think the three game suspension is an assumption in that it is a three game road trip before the All-Star break. This is not the end of the world or the first time two team mates have tangled over the results of play. Cousins' growing process will be ugly at times and the front office needs to...
  4. kgrichwine

    bill Walton has to go

    Well said!!!
  5. kgrichwine

    bill Walton has to go

    Walton is amusing for about one period of play, or about 10 minutes.After that he is imposing on my basketball game. He was there pontificating about the Dead while the Kings lost a 10 point lead and got 5 down. Neither Grant or Gerry said a word about the game the whole time.
  6. kgrichwine

    [Game] Kings vs Spurs 2/4/11 Game Thread

    It will take 48 minutes of the Kings A game to have a chance at beating the Spurs. Stranger htings have happened!
  7. kgrichwine

    [Grades] Grades v. Celtics 2/1/11

    I vote "all the above"! The Kings need to play a flawless 48 minutes to beat the best teams. A five minute lull means the difference between a W and a L.
  8. kgrichwine

    [Grades] Grades v. Hornets 1/29/11

    Much of what being a KIngs fan means lies in the rivalry between the Kings and the Lakers. Ant time the Lakers lose I smile. When my team beats the Lakers, no matter what their record, I'm a happy man. The Hornets win wasawesome in they showed some maturity and got back down to buisness again...
  9. kgrichwine

    Kings HARDWORKING Team & Coach Westphal

    One question: Will they repeat their great teamwork tonight?
  10. kgrichwine

    [Game] Kings vs. Hornets 1/29/11 Game Thread.

    I hope the ings can build upon yesterdays epic win. All to often the Kings follow a great win with a huge letdown. Please break this habit!
  11. kgrichwine

    [Grades] Grades v. Lakers 1/28/11

    Hell to the Yeah! Now I remember why I watch the Kings play! Beating the lakers makes it all worth it!
  12. kgrichwine

    [Grades] Grades v. Mavs 12/4/10

    I found it encouraging that I actually wanted to watch the end of this game. the Kings gave us 44 minutes of entertainment. A huge step in the right direction.
  13. kgrichwine

    Beat l.a.

    Sometimes a team has to lose "its best player" to ralley and win. Let's win one for the Gipper!
  14. kgrichwine

    [Game] Bulls @ Kings Game Thread 11/27/2010

    Who are those guys in Kings Uniforms and what did PW do to finally get some confidence in those guys?
  15. kgrichwine

    [Grades] Grades v. Nets 11/19/10

    Nice to see Greene back in the rotation and actually showing up to play. That performance is what we all know he is capable of on a nightly basis, if he only used his head.
  16. kgrichwine

    [Game] Kings Versus Grizzlies, 11/6/10 7PM

    Baby steps, baby, baby steps. I'm looking for defensive stops in the first quarter [B]and[B] the second quarter.
  17. kgrichwine

    Kings-Spurs on NBATV

    what channel is it on for direct tv users?
  18. kgrichwine

    Beat LA!!!

    Please let all the Laker fan's who bought tickets leave Arco Arena with their heads bowed because the Sacramento Kings sent them home losers! If there was any one game that I really, really cared about a win, this is it. If there was one game where the Sacramento Kings need to show what they...
  19. kgrichwine

    Beno improving

    Beno esta bueno!
  20. kgrichwine

    Grades v. Mavericks 03/05/10

    A for effort! This game was fun to watch unbtil the end result.