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  1. monk

    For monk (8/31)

    Think I'm gonna outlive Darryl Strawberry? Thanks everybody!
  2. monk

    Beam me up, Scotty

    Darryl Strawberry outlived James Doohan... who woulda thunk it?
  3. monk

    This may send me to Hell...

    I wasn't taking a pot-shot at you. Your post was quoted because my first thought in the post was in response to your opinion that he wouldn't have thought it was funny. The "self-rightous" comment was made as an afterthought regarding not you in particular, but the multitude of people who try...
  4. monk

    This may send me to Hell...

    Why wouldn't he have? The "Great Carnac" sketch was one of his favorites, and he was never afraid to poke fun at himself. He lived his life making people laugh - don't you think he would want us to see the lighter side of his passing? It's the natural order of things that old people pass on...
  5. monk

    This may send me to Hell...

    ...but I couldn't hold back:
  6. monk

    Johnny Carson passes away

    Darrryl Strawberry outlived Johnny Carson. Who woulda thunk it? RIP: Johnny. Jay Leno is half of what you were.
  7. monk

    Ryno made it to the HOF!!!

    Woo Hoo!!! (Wade Boggs slid in as well)
  8. monk

    Mexican Coke a hit in U.S.

    sucrose from corn = sucrose from cane = sucrose from beets placebo in a pill = placebo in a bottle of pop
  9. monk

    Sacramento lawmaker Robert Matsui dies at 63

    Darryl Strawberry outlived Robert Matsui. Who woulda thunk it?
  10. monk

    Family pics

    My daughter and I the on our hunt for our Christmas tree this year.
  11. monk

    RIP Jerry Orbach

    Darryl Strawberry outlived Jerry Orbach. Who woulda thunk it?
  12. monk

    The New and OFFICIAL Best of 2004 Thread

    I think something good may have happened in 2004. I'll post when I remember it.
  13. monk

    EARTHQUAKE!!! ... kinda

    I'm assuming you were right on the epicenter?
  14. monk

    The 9th Wonder of the World - Flashlight del Mundo

    My dad used to have one of those (not sure if it was 10 mil or not) in his car. It plugged in to the cigarette lighter. He used it mostly to see wildlife late at night, but it came in handy a few times to tell tailgaters to back off (he never did this, but sometimes I drove his car!).
  15. monk

    What the...Reggie White Dead At 43?

    Darryl Strawberry outlived Reggie White. Who woulda thunk it? RIP Reggie.
  16. monk

    The most blatant +1 thread ever created

    What amazes me is that tho post count is up to 1874, but teh view count is well over 14,000. Figure it takes two views to post - one to load the page and onother after the post when it reloads the page. That leaves over 10,000 views that were not associated with posts. Did people actuallt...
  17. monk

    Giants - Looking for Finley-Dye-or Alou - Nen done

    Just don't shake his hand.
  18. monk

    christmas dinner ideas

    Roast suckling pig.
  19. monk

    Make your own Webber card

    Many people were Photoshopping the Webber birthday card to add their own text, but that seemed like too much trouble. I took the liberty of creating a page that does all the work for you. Check it out: PS: If you would like to post your results...
  20. monk

    Anyone else not convinced yet ?

    And easier to have great expectations without being a Kings fan.