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  1. GWD

    Can We Show Some Love for Davion?

    You can't teach tallness. ;)
  2. GWD

    Keegan “KEEGAN MURRAY” Murray

    Oops. I didn't see it either. Hope Keegan showed off his more rounded game. But likely the flashy guys dominated play with no defense in sight..
  3. GWD

    Keegan “KEEGAN MURRAY” Murray

    Quick answer: Defense was great (should have been DPOG instead of Duarte IMO). Offense was great and not so great depending on the possession. A real positive was his wide-range of shot attempts...from dunks to launches and everything in-between.
  4. GWD

    De’Aaron Fox

    How about the Kings just win it all. The team will likely still not get respect because of the small market aspect, but at least it would be an "in your face" moment.
  5. GWD

    Draymond being Draymond, 2023-24

    Are you sure you want to stick by "sometimes, what you see on a replay is not necessarily what actually happened in real time"? Our judicial system relys on the opposite of that statement quite often. Maybe you meant something else.
  6. GWD

    [Game] Kings @ Denver Nuggets, 2/14/2024, 6:00p PT/9:00p ET

    Maybe Keegan would blossom with a different system or team. Same with Sasha. Imagine the resources he would garner if traded. o_O No, not advocating it for the team, but perhaps for the individual's well-being and career. Maybe he is still "being brought along slowly" as stated by the coaches...
  7. GWD

    [Game] THE Kings vs. Denver Nuggets, 2/9/2024, 7:00p PT/10:00p ET

    Now that Ellis signed a 3-year contract with the Kings, that factor is moot. He is free to play more and hopefully that happens...soon.
  8. GWD

    A year wasted thanks to Monte.

    There are so many variables to his job and performance that it is seemingly impossible to evaluate what he has done and will do. The complexities are so complicated that we can never know what direction he is forced to travel. Last year he was a genius and EOY. Now he is trash? I can't get on...
  9. GWD

    How do we fix the offense?

    I certainly respect your enthusiasm and fandom re: the Kings. We share a desire for the Kings to achieve and improve. Where we differ is in how the Kings came to this point. Like any scientific experiment, changing multiple variables generally invalidates the hypothesis. In 2002 several factors...
  10. GWD

    How do we fix the offense?

    I hope you have the same response when those comments show up throughout the forum. BTW, many suggestions, both for the offense and defense, are throughout the forum. Many of them are quite positive and logical. Some have also been repeated in this thread. The real question is, "How do we enact...
  11. GWD

    How do we fix the offense?

    Comon' man, what cho' talkin' 'bout, whatchmatta U? We have a winning record! We just had a good road trip! The players are trash (but we have a winning record)! The coach is a saint and the system perfectly fits the players' abilities! Everything is rosy and positive on all team levels! One...
  12. GWD

    Keegan “KEEGAN MURRAY” Murray

    Hope that is true. Haven't watched practice videos but it likely is always going to be more loose and relaxed. The comradery of this team has been impressive since Sabonis arrived. To quote Allen Iverson from years ago, "We talkin' about practice, man. Not a game". :)
  13. GWD

    Keegan “KEEGAN MURRAY” Murray

    I wonder why. Is he less skilled now, or just on occasion? Sophomore slump (as mentioned by others)? Is there the temper issue that was posted awhile back? If so, what is he angry about? Even the very rare and occasional smile is gone now. (Note: Fox and Sabonis are laughing and smiling a lot...
  14. GWD

    [Game] THE Kings vs. Detroit Pistons, 2/7/2024, 7:00p PT/10:00p ET

    Well, I continue to think the players on the Kings are highly-skilled professionals. Some have valuable niche abilities that can be utilized as needed. There will be occasions when one or more rotation players have an off-night. It even happens to Sabonis, who is the least likely to have a...
  15. GWD

    Coach Brown (NBA, 2024)

    With the mods' approval, this thread is to discuss all matters re: Coach Brown. There are similar threads about individual players so this seems appropriate. For starters, look at his NBA history: 1992-1997, Denver, video coordinator, scout 1997-1999, Wizards, assistant coach (AC) 2000-2003...
  16. GWD

    [Game] Kings @ Cleveland Cavaliers, 2/5/2024, 4:00p PT, 7:00p ET

    It seems like the game was defended differently back then with the rules interpretations being what they were then and are now. I didn't watch what you did, but how many times would Artest have been called for a foul nowadays for his highlighted play? It doesn't seem possible to "defend without...
  17. GWD

    Keegan “KEEGAN MURRAY” Murray

    It appears to me that Keegan's game suffers from having to defend an opponent's best player. It is not that he can't do it well but rather that the effort and inevitable fouls takes him out of the game. He rides the bench in foul trouble for quite some time while losing whatever offensive...
  18. GWD

    [Game] Kings @ Cleveland Cavaliers, 2/5/2024, 4:00p PT, 7:00p ET

    Not absolutely no one. Incidentally, "terrible" is an opinion take.
  19. GWD

    [Game] Kings @ Cleveland Cavaliers, 2/5/2024, 4:00p PT, 7:00p ET

    Of course, we will never know the true potential of the team. It would all be conjecture to imagine what could be. We all want the best for the Kings. When the best is not happening then the questions arise. "Best" being an opinion certainly.
  20. GWD

    [Game] Kings @ Chicago Bulls, 2/3/2024, 5:00p PT/8:00p ET

    An opinion and nothing more.