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  1. Capt. Factorial

    Is Willie Cauley-Stein still an option at center for Sacramento Kings?

    Read The Manual. Also the airport code for Rotterdam in the Netherlands.
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    Veteran KF members - are you still here?

    As a team member on the grades for a few years there, it was a real grind. It took a long time, it really hurt your social flexibility (sorry guys, can't go out tonight, I gotta watch a game the Kings are going to lose then spend an hour writing up game grades for a website on a volunteer...
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    How would you spend the Kings $35 million cap space this summer?

    It may not be quite so desperate as that. Assuming we bring back both Mason and Yogi out salaries right now are at about $46.5M. With a $109M cap, that leaves us with about $62.5M in space. Barnes cap hold at $32M and Willie's cap hold at $14M leave us with about $16.5M in space even if we...
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    Davis traded to the Lakers

    Too bad the Lakers don't play in old ARCO.
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    West Coast in November

    And, for an additional movie/Hitchcock site, Bodega Bay is a really nice sleepy little town on the coast about an hour north of SF, and of course where The Birds was filmed. Ah, the Getty! By far my favorite museum I've ever been to (now, I haven't been to the Louvre, I haven't been to the...
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    Stay Patient (My Off-Season Plan)

    Well, Milwaukee has tied up all of their future picks through 2025, so the best they can do is send #30 this year. I might be well tempted to do that for Ilyasova, as he's only $7M for one year. I'd only do it for Snell if we really thought he was going to be a contributor for the team, and...
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    Trade for the #4 pick?

    Literally none of what you copied and pasted there addresses the original contention. You claimed: But, of course, teams are not allowed to exceed the salary cap, much less the luxury tax, to sign another team's free agent. The best teams can do to sign another team's free agent is the MLE...
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    Potential draft picks.

    Ponds was not involved in our first 16 (!!) workouts, so unless they snuck him in unannounced it's his first go here in Sac. But he has been rumored to be on the list of players we intended to work out basically from the start. I agree on Hands - he was definitely inconsistent but he showed...
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    The Finals

    What are you getting at?
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    What is your backup PG tiers?

    吉默是一名優秀的籃球運動員 (OK, for real, though, Google Translate actually translates "Jimmer" both directions!)
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    How would you spend the Kings $35 million cap space this summer?

    Everywhere I've seen says the deadline is 6/29, not today. Which makes sense, usually those sorts of options are set for after the draft and right before the free agency period.
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    Is Willie Cauley-Stein still an option at center for Sacramento Kings?

    Just as a heads-up, he pulled his name out of the draft and is returning to Virginia next year.
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    NBA draft 2019: Kings to bring in first six prospects for workout

    The general consensus always seemed to be that Caleb Martin was the better player, but time and again when watching them I preferred Cody. Cody has a much better all-around game, doesn't have the ugly form on his jumper, is a better defender. Caleb is more of a gunner, Cody much more well-rounded.
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    Following 2019 draftees!!!

    That's (pick #11) really about the floor of where I would take him, on my personal board he would be in the mix at #5. I don't think he's going to be a star, but I think he's going to have a very solid career.
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    Potential draft picks.

    Man, Schroeder has a pretty big contract ($31M total over 2 years) and this would save the Thunder AT LEAST $23M in luxury tax payments (but likely a lot more), so a trade like this would be a net $54M++ into the Thunder's coffers. And all we get is a #21 pick? I know they've already committed...
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    Is Willie Cauley-Stein still an option at center for Sacramento Kings?

    Well, of course we could decline to offer a QO and could sign him at anywhere from the vet minimum up. We could also offer a QO (which is a one-year deal) and then sign him to a long-term deal at a lower annual value, there's no rule that says such an agreement is disallowed. But let's be...
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    Kings will no longer have cheerleaders

    And then what, run off to another forum to rack up Grievance Points for being oppressed over here? Here's some oppression for you: Do it your damn self. There's a little button shaped like an "X" at the top of your browser tab, go ahead and click it. You don't want to be around here, fine...
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    The Finals

    So you don't deny that you're just stirring the pot?
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    Potential draft picks.

    I'm not seeing Bowen listed as being in one of the first 10 workouts, did I miss something? I'm glad we're bringing in Bowen, and I'd sure as heck like us to see Bazley too. I'm sure we're open for business. We've got seconds and future seconds to spare! We would probably have to move up...