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  1. Bricklayer

    Alvin Gentry next to coach Kings

    I am going to briefly delurk to unleash a ferocious SMH and remind everybody one more time why this fanbase is so tortured: Of 37 years of Kings basketball, the Sacramento Kings have been in the bottom half of the league defensively 31 of the 37 years. They have been in the bottom half of the...
  2. Bricklayer


    Sigh. Wow. As some have noted I do poke my head in here from time to time just to see how the place is faring, and I suppose if you do that long enough you are going to time skip around until people that you knew are gone. Just poked in and found a message, and...sigh. There was a time here...
  3. Bricklayer

    Chris Webber Elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame

    Ah, that much I knew. What I did not know was if there had been some specific rumor about Webb to the Kings, or if it was just (hopeful?) speculation.
  4. Bricklayer

    Chris Webber Elected to the Basketball Hall of Fame

    I don't pop around much, so the answer to this may in fact be "yes", but did I miss something?
  5. Bricklayer

    What are you listening to?

  6. Bricklayer

    What are you listening to?

    Presumed first album drop. The Velvet Queen with shades of Fever and Amy Winehouse. After Year #1375 of losing basketball, you guys need this song's message anyway: Oh you know a lot of bitterness There is nothing to do about it Life should be Life should be Lived with hope Oh you know a...
  7. Bricklayer

    What are you listening to?

    Now that she's reached the ripe old age of 14, signed with a major label, I guess it's time to quit playin' and just start winning Grammies: Bobby Fischer became a grandmaster at age 15. Prodigies are wild. Hope everyone is having a Merry Pandemic.
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    Hey, he's been coaching for 17 years and has made the playoffs 3 times. Its an upgrade in your chances when you're 0 for the last 14 yourself.
  9. Bricklayer

    What are you listening to?

    Not being an AGT fan, hadn't watched anything more than the performance itself, but watched the full version after your comment, and several things stood out: 1) Howie's cringeworthy comment: something like "I believe THIS moment! THIS performance! THIS show! Is going to be the one to make...
  10. Bricklayer

    What are you listening to?

    Yeah, I didn't pick those names at random: this is a 12yr old: this is a 13yr old: her treatments, so far as a young teen, of the others are disparate enough to make comparison difficult, but she just seems to entertain herself by covering the greatest singers we have known. Probably...
  11. Bricklayer

    What are you listening to?

    I just thought that as long as I was passing through I would add something in here. I spent last week being introduced to an utter child prodigy of a singer named Angelina Jordan. Not a "great young singer" or some such, certainly not a great child singer, but some old soul 1940s torch singer...
  12. Bricklayer

    In case you missed it... (split from VLADE GONE thread)

    Well... 1) Vlade was never technically a full member of my list. Although he could have been on an addendum, and certainly earned the spot by mishandling the two greatest bird-in-the-hand talents of his era, and somehow ending up with neither of them. Not to mention continuing the ridiculous...
  13. Bricklayer

    Rick Adelman's Son R.J. Killed in Accident at 44

    Thought I'd just drop by to post this since it was a pretty low key news event to anybody without a connection:
  14. Bricklayer

    [Game] Kings v. Pelicans - Thursday, Oct. 26 - 7:30 PT

    Not to in anyway contradict the generally accurate take of this post, but I am the ghost in the machine. Not as if I deleted the account. Silly gooses. :)
  15. Bricklayer

    Demarcus Cousins Watch

    I'm sure you all will be perfectly understanding when a few weeks after your spouse spends hours planning your anniversary with you and talks about having kids, then wants to discuss how to renovate the kitchen, then a couple days later while you're on a business trip he/she calls the restaurant...
  16. Bricklayer

    Trade deadline approaching for Kings

    It really is a relief not to care anymore.
  17. Bricklayer

    Evaluating the Cousins Trade.

    Just as Grant defending the Maloofs vehemently convinced people they weren't trying to steal the team?