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    West Coast in November

    It’s been awhile since I have been in Northern California But I have taken family on a few trips that they enjoyed. Frisco is or was nice fishermans wharf and a boat ride to Alcatraz. Then lunch and a ride on the trolley car might be a interesting day. Then head north and get a room up on...
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    Potential draft picks.

    Sounds like someone we should look at if he drops down into the range we could get him. What I am not for is trading away good assets that would or could cause problems this upcoming season. Trading Bogi and then spending time to replace what he gives us doesn’t make much sense to me. I have...
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    [NBA] Western Conference Semifinals

    Put me down as glad the rockets got bounced from the playoffs. Turned the game off early as watching Harden dribbling every play is quite boring.
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    What about Burks ?

    I really doubt that Burks will be on the team next year. I hear about Barnes, Brewer and many others but not much on Burks. I believe another team will find a need for him and vlade will continue to try and land another guard this off season. I can live with a Fox, Buddy, Bogi, yogi backcourt...
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    Is Giles really a future center? (split)

    Ok both I know are rookies and yes I was pretty impressed. Another year together and hopefully they both put some muscle on. We still need a good center to match up with some of the monsters some teams have. I can see vlade bringing in a center with the idea of making Giles the back up center...
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    The Saga of DeMarcus Cousins

    I liked Cousins and still do as I have always thought he liked being here with the Kings. I also was in favor of moving him but also at the time thought we got fleeced in the deal. It just turned out that better minds saw beyond what I saw. I have said it before and still believe he was injury...
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    C/PF off season discussion

    Well just reading where Barnes is leaving for a promotional trip to India. Said that he is looking forward to playing the first game in India this coming season. So it’s sounding like he is staying for another year at this point. At least that’s a good sign that for the short term we haven’t...
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    Allegations against Luke Walton (split from new coach thread)

    WOW just WOW! Just don’t know if it’s a Kobe thing or a Kavanaugh thing or someplace in the middle. I will just have to wait and see how this works out as just not enough to go on right now.
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    What about Bogs?

    I really like Bogi’s game as he should be back to the player his was the first year he came here. He makes a good secondary ball handler but would love to see us figure out how to get a good backup point guard to press the pace with the second team. As far as Barnes I really don’t see him...
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    C/PF off season discussion

    Go for the home run pick even if you put yourself over the salary cap. You need to pay to run with the big dogs in this league. We all watch many nba games and see many good centers that abused us. After signing Barnes it shows we are willing to pony up bucks so Vlade don’t go cheap on me now.
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    2nd Round pick projections

    I see a couple paired up in a trade and if that’s not happening just draft a few bigs and see if one works out.
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    Kings hire Luke Walton

    Yes I think vlade brings in a new center and not some backup left over from another team. Vlade sees the same problems as most of us do but also knows you can not fix all the changes you need over night. He tackled the glaring hole at small forward and thought he strengthened our pg/sg...
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    Post National Media Coverage Here

    You can be the best defensive coach in his position that ever has been. He can teach those players everything he knows about defense BUT it comes down to if the player has the skills or desire to commit to it.
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    Kings hire Luke Walton

    There just wasn’t room for 3 coaches on the Lakers. Why pay the money for a coach when you have rondo and LeBron on the team.
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    Kings hire Luke Walton

    And we thought with no first round pick the off season would be boring.
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    Kings hire Luke Walton

    I like the idea of where Luke came from and think folks are right in thinking our owner wants to build a team like golden state. I cannot argue that point if they can pull off anything close to the results just west of us. He has the new NBA in him and I for one like that aspect. I just hope...
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    Thank You Coach Joerger Thread!

    I am pretty sure his way of bringing along rookies was well thought out to him. Can’t argue with Giles case or Fox’s either. But the way he handled Bagley is very confusing to me.
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    Walton fired by Lakers; Kings make offer (merged)

    Good deal as he should thrive in Sacramento.
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    When the dusts settles...

    I am glad he is gone. He threw away more games than the last one intentionally or threw lacking the knowledge of what was happening. There was one before the break he threw away and the one giving Bagley the ball at the end instead of Fox. Then several after having a big lead and failing to...
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    [Game] Kings @ Trailblazers - Wednesday, April 10 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    Ok I like almost everyone wanted a win or at least a strong showing. but to blow a very big lead with absolutely no answer to stop the opposing offense leaves me with a bad taste for the off season. I would hope vlade has had enough of this nonsense and will make some changes. We still need...