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  1. itzcoatl

    JaVale McGee

    I feel like it would take a lot of patching up. I would personally never go work for anyone who had personally insulted me, minority owner or not.
  2. itzcoatl

    JaVale McGee

    Shaq and javale don’t get along. So I doubt he is coming to the team shaq is part-owner.
  3. itzcoatl

    Joerger Status. (He’s Fired)

    I’m not sure how I feel about Dave being gone. I wanted him here, but definitely think there could be better fits out there. Something definitely seemed off post ASB. Let’s get the position filled and head into free agency this summer with a solid core.
  4. itzcoatl Free Agency Wish List: 1st Choice?

    I’d probably go with kawhi. Durant is more talented I think, but he is a coattailer. That is his personality. I don’t want to being that here.
  5. itzcoatl

    The Road to catching the Spurs

    The Fakers play the pelicans 3 more times this season. I can’t figure out if that’s good or bad. On the one hand it looks like NOP is imploding too. On the other hand, NOP might be looking for blood against a certain LA team.
  6. itzcoatl

    Kings over .500/playoff bound?

    The 8 seed is definitely in play. I feel like we even have a realistic shot at 7. 5 and 6 seeds are not out of the question. In my opinion. We are only 1.5 games behind the clippers.
  7. itzcoatl

    [Game] Kings v. Trailblazers - Monday, Jan. 14 - 7PT/10ET

    Wooo hooo! Great win! Great composure to close out the game.
  8. itzcoatl

    Sleeptrain Arena could be a new zoo for Sacramento

    The quote I was referencing was from this article where Ashby says she doesn’t want only housing at the site. In any event, if she said that, it underscores the point. Having an economic generator nearby that is...
  9. itzcoatl

    Sleeptrain Arena could be a new zoo for Sacramento

    Angelique Ashby is on record saying she wants the zoo in the old arco spot and not just more housing. Why does she want it there if it doesn’t add to the neighborhood?? Of course it adds value to the existing houses and neighborhood.
  10. itzcoatl

    Sleeptrain Arena could be a new zoo for Sacramento

    First Tee was operating the golf course at a loss for many years despite city subsidies. Here is an article about it: You think prospective buyers in the area looking to buy a house aren’t paying more knowing that...
  11. itzcoatl

    Kings discussing trade for Kanter?- Woj

    Oohhh. Yes how silly of me. You are correct!
  12. itzcoatl

    Kings discussing trade for Kanter?- Woj

    I will defer to the cap gurus around here because I really don’t understand all the rules, but the ESPN trade machine has zbo making 11.692 this year and kanter making 18.622. So that would be an additional 7 million in cap space next year?
  13. itzcoatl

    [Game] Kings vs Suns Jan 6PT-9ET

    Lol this loss was ridiculous. I’m not gonna get too worked up about it. There were boneheaded plays and moves all around. It happens I guess. Heck- the warriors blew a 3-1 lead with a unanimous MVP.
  14. itzcoatl

    Sleeptrain Arena could be a new zoo for Sacramento

    In its current spot it boosts the local land values, and is easily located in the central city area and is accessible by public transport. It seems like our goal as a city is urband infill and making good use of central city land, not moving it out to more suburban areas. But yes I agree that...
  15. itzcoatl

    Sleeptrain Arena could be a new zoo for Sacramento

    Im sympathetic to animals needing more space, but I hope they are not moving the zoo to natomas. It is a great asset to the area where it currently is located and it would be a shame to lose it. It’s a great little zoo with a lot of great memories in that spot. At minimum, i would like to see...
  16. itzcoatl

    Willie Cauley-Stein: the 2018-19 Season watch

    Without thinking about it. That's great value for WCS
  17. itzcoatl

    Willie Cauley-Stein: the 2018-19 Season watch

    Didn’t Larry Bird interview WCS at the draft combine and tell him that he thought he was a 100 million dollar player? I mean, the thing is: WCS is not wrong. Capela just got 90 million. True capela has proven more but WCS has that potential. It’s weird that he keeps bringing up this issue. Are...
  18. itzcoatl

    Looking back...

    I gave a C. I’d maybe bump it a little bit due to the winning but I don’t think I would go higher than B- The culture change and winning has been a revelation. But a lot of that is coach, I think? Does some of the credit for keeping the core go to Vlade? We still don’t have a SF so I guess...
  19. itzcoatl

    The Saga of DeMarcus Cousins

    Yeah might be fun to try to road trip down to Santa Cruz to watch boogie