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    There is no topic

    Apparently I did such a good job hiding the surprise crossover in my piece called "Numbers" that not very many people read it. Really ... everyone who gets the reference thinks it's an interesting story. So I'll try one of those Hollywood-style subtle-as-a-freight-train hints. It's set during...
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    NBA/Kings Draft Lottery Thread

    I've heard so much moaning about the Kings not having a first round draft pick, I think it needs to be pointed out that the Kings have something as good or better: an attractive destination for a veteran free agent. The kind who used to laugh when their agent said the Kings are interested...
  3. 63royals

    Fox as a finalist for MIP!

    I'm happy with Fox being on the list, but you nailed it.
  4. 63royals

    The Sharks!!!

    You're right to put the five minute miracle in a separate category. That was a five minute visit to the twilight zone. They did look great tonight.
  5. 63royals

    [NBA] Eastern Conference Finals

    My first thought was Bucks in 6, but that means winning the last game in Toronto, so I chose 7.
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    The Champions League/EPL thread

    Both second legs of the semifinals were amazing. Messi was completely unstoppable in the first leg vs Liverpool, and then seemed a completely different player in the second. And I feel bad for Ajax - trying to make it back to the top with good player development rather than tons of money. I...
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    [NBA] Western Conference Semifinals

    Rockets vs Bucks in the finals would be Shump vs George Hill. That's something to root for rather than against.
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    The All-Purpose LOL Lakers thread

    The Lakers are becoming the Clippers and the Clippers are becoming the Lakers. I'd say they're already past the midpoint.
  9. 63royals

    [NBA] Eastern Conference Semifinals

    He's on the Celtics - the standards are different.
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    *** Hazardous text warning *** This post contains the kind of things that programmers talk about when everyone else is out of the room. If your eyes start to glaze over, please stop reading! There were no silicon chips yet, so the computer had lots of vacuum tubes, with the resultant heat...
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    Numbers Since it's now the off season for the Kings, I have a TDOS-type story to share. I'm sure the grand finale will boggle some minds. I'm posting it now since I feel I owe the forum a mea culpa. First, however, the Infomercial: ( ... violins ...) Hi, my name is 63royals, and I'm here...
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    The All-Purpose LOL Lakers thread

    There was a lot of hard work behind the scenes that went into making the original Showtime possible. This group seems to think they can do the Showtime without the hard work.
  13. 63royals

    Allegations against Luke Walton (split from new coach thread)

    The timing of the lawsuit is NOT a coincidence. Timed to set off the frenzy we're seeing here. So this whole debate was orchestrated by whoever filed that suit. Don't you want to find out who you're being a tool for before helping them out? If you wait to find out what actually is going on...
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    Kings hire Luke Walton

    I think Barnes in Dallas was a lot like Rudy Gay in Toronto -- neither one of them worked out very well as a #1 option. With the Kings, he's back to his best role.
  15. 63royals

    Kings hire Luke Walton

    It took me a while to remember this one, since it was early 70's, but here's an even older connection. I remember a story in Sports Illustrated about an NCAA basketball trip to Europe to play some of the teams over there. Bill Walton graduated from UCLA in '74, so it would have been before...
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    Better pick? Doncic or Bagley? split from Vlade thread ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK

    The consensus on the internet was that the Kings were going to be the worst team in the league. The consensus on the internet was that the Kings were idiots for passing on a hall of fame caliber wing. It's consistent with the national story that the Kings are and always will be a joke. The...
  17. 63royals

    [Game] Kings @ Trailblazers - Wednesday, April 10 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    I'm with you 100%. Me, I'm going to watch the game and offer a toast to an amazing season. Definitely one of the best of the last 56. Go Kings !!!
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    [Game] Kings @ Trailblazers - Wednesday, April 10 - 7:30PT/10:30ET

    I think their brains are already done for the year.
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    [Game] Kings @ Lakers - Sunday, March 24 - 6:30PT/9:30ET

    You know it's a Laker game when VF21 starts with the traditional DIE LAKER SCUM. One of the many great traditions on this board.
  20. 63royals

    [Game] Kings v. Suns - Saturday, March 23 - 7PT/10ET

    If they think they might have an opportunity for Jimmer to go off in garbage time, I think that would be a good time for Corey Brewer to provide a demonstration of proper NBA defense.