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  1. km23

    what was the last movie you watched?

    Endgame for me. Second time. First for my dad.
  2. km23

    Next head coach candidates

    I heard ime udoka would be an option edit: I disn't hear it but I've seen stuff on twitter and what not over tthe past month that he would be a good HC candidate since he's under Pop
  3. km23

    What players under 25 would you like on the Kings?

    Imo theres a big difference between a Point GUARD and point FORWARD but that's just me..
  4. km23

    HG shut down.

    Ahhhhhh gotcha. Thanks for the info. Hope he returns, KF needs that guy around to counter the 80 percent negativity. Haha
  5. km23

    HG shut down.

    Speaking of Hammer.. where as he been?? Some people could use his optimism
  6. km23


    And going through this stressful bs we are all going through is gonna turn to something special as heck next year
  7. km23


    Slab I love you and agree with you on alot you say, but we are not a BAD team. Imo we are a good young team that doesnt know how to win.
  8. km23

    Positive Thread.

    And I'll be at the one on saturday!
  9. km23

    [Game] Nets @ Kings - Tuesday, March 19 - 7PT/10ET

    I hear where you are coming from but atleast JT could hit a face up 15 footer. Willie is so frustrating cause the potential is obvious, the motor tho... that's another story. If you give Willie Harry's motor, imo, hes a walking double double, but he just lacks the drive. Probably day dreams...
  10. km23

    [Game] Bulls @ Kings Sunday, March 17 - 3:00 PM PT/6:00 PM ET

    Kings games falling on days off..ahh... cant get better than this! #ScoresIsHere
  11. km23

    Dave Joerger

    This times 100. If we go separate ways it The Joegs, I fear it's the wrong direction.
  12. km23

    Better Franchise Cornerstone: Fox, Bagley or Giles?

    I agree 2000 percent. We see the flashes sometimes where he will hit the open guy for a wide open 3, but for the most part its tunnel vision, but still dominant. I am super excited for the future and present
  13. km23

    Starting lineup going forward - Fox, Buddy, Bogs, Barnes, WCS

    and we were supposed to lose these last 2 games. and we split. lets just be happy we can argue about what or what does not help our run at the playoffs.
  14. km23

    [Game] Kings @ Thunder - Saturday, Feb. 23 - 5PT/8ET

    Gonna be tough a one but I think we can pull it out. I feel that might have their number but we both are 2 different teams from the first 2 games we played. Basketball gods favored us in putting the Thunder in 2ot last night so hopefully we take advantage and the run them out the gym
  15. km23

    Poll: Pick ONE Scenario

    We dont own our draft pick next year. ITS FULL THROTTLE TO THE PLAYOFFS BABY
  16. km23

    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    I agree. Klay has the track record, but I really think with Buddy's talent and work ethic combined hes gonna become a monstar
  17. km23

    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    Literally trying to start problems.. surprise surprise.. this team is united!
  18. km23

    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    I loved that! he said it so seriously too.
  19. km23

    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    haha im in the boat! But for me the side chick battle is between...... buddy bogi bagley giles and really quickly Barnes!
  20. km23

    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    Dad and I had to work about 2.5 hours out of town and I am freaking out cuz I'm gonna miss the first half ): Besides all that I am sooooo so so excited to watch this team feast