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  1. ParniValjak

    Julius Randle

    Doesn't stop you from trading WCS for another, better fitting asset.
  2. ParniValjak

    Who are your picks if the Kings win a top 3 pick in the Draft Lottery?

    Talk about making an argument just to make one. Each case should be looked at differently. Is Ayton bad defensively because he is just dumb as a bucket of shrimp (which I don't believe is the case, or is it because of physical/athletic limitations or lack of development. I think in terms of...
  3. ParniValjak

    Kings moving Bighorns to Stockton!

    Royals :D Always liked the name and those uniform. Maloofs had to ruin it for us!
  4. ParniValjak

    Julius Randle

    I’d likely still go Randle especially if Giles is as good as advertised and can play C.
  5. ParniValjak

    Julius Randle

    I think thay should answer the question of this thread.
  6. ParniValjak

    Kings moving Bighorns to Stockton!

    I was hoping that we would be a bit more creative with the name. Kings seems like an easy way out. Not that it means anything really!
  7. ParniValjak

    Julius Randle

    If you had a choice of WCS at $12-14 million and Randle at $12-14 million, who would you take?
  8. ParniValjak

    Who are your picks if the Kings win a top 3 pick in the Draft Lottery?

    Projections are just guesses in this case based on what has been seen to date. Ayton could be a pretty good defender at the next level with proper development and coaching. He might not have the defensive instinct of a JJJ but he has the physical tools to be a very good defender. Marc Gasol...
  9. ParniValjak

    Aaron Gordon

    Yeah Orlando matches! Next!
  10. ParniValjak

    Vince says he'll play one more year...

    I would love to see him back in Sacramento and then transition to a coaching role with us. I think it is unlikely to happen and to be honest he deserves to win a championship and/or retire a Raptor
  11. ParniValjak

    G. Temple contract extension?

    Yes. Valuable on and off the court!
  12. ParniValjak

    If we are 9 or 10 do you trade out

    In addition to that, I think player development is also really important. If the team does not have a strong development team that work with a player tirelessly in a correct manner, then that talented player might not amount to much!
  13. ParniValjak

    Who do you want, if the Kings pick #6 to #8 overall in the draft?

    Still a lot of water to go under the bridge but I just don’t want a safe pick. Swing for the fences for a home run.
  14. ParniValjak

    Frank Mason is a 3rd guard.

    I would be shocked if Shumpert and Temple don’t pick up their player options as they will simply not get that type of money in free agency. I think Kosta will likely opt out but he is probably the player I would want to keep the most given that our big man don’t do any of the stuff big men are...
  15. ParniValjak

    Mario Hezonja?

    Back to earth. Gordon is back so Mario goes into a shell and doesn’t get as many shots as he did while Gordon was out injured.
  16. ParniValjak

    Who would you trade to get Doncic? (split)

    The only way that can happen is if they play for the Kings. No way is Bogdan finishing his career with Crvena Zvezda! :p Grobar through and through!:D
  17. ParniValjak

    Possible Free agents

    Would be phenomenal but we all know that Kings don't have enough trade currency to pull that off.
  18. ParniValjak

    Ben McLemore - should we have kept him? (split)

    To rub salt into the wounds, on the way out the door Geoff Petrie left all the scouting folios for the incoming front office types with the recommendations to draft "the greek kid". PDA and his pimps picked McLemore.
  19. ParniValjak

    Ben McLemore - should we have kept him? (split)

    Given the, to say the least, a frosty relationship between GP and Vivek, I think the hell would freeze over before GP has anything to do with the Kings that are run by Ranadive.