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  1. GeraldWallace#3

    Live Chat with Jon Brockman
  2. GeraldWallace#3

    Can We Cut Sloan Now Please?

    Actually I agree with Baja, Christmas was very impressive. Every time he got out there he made it a point to be in his man's face. I thought for a person who is not the greatest athlete he made up for it by playing tough hard nosed defense.
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    Donté Greene Mix

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    Who else is sick of everything revolving around LeBron!?..

    My goodness you guys need to get off the Haterade. At least he's doing the show for a good reason Sure the publicity factor kicks in. But gosh saying that you dont want him on your team just because the media attention is just ludacris.
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    New Tyreke Mix

    I'll try, not that many highlights of brockman out there but I'll try. I'll be vacationing to the east coast for a couple weeks so wont be till later.
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    Dodigago's Offical Mock Draft

    With the 49th pick in the 2010 NBA Draft the Spurs select Brian Zoubek out of Duke University.
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    Nets taking Wes Johnson

    So that leaves us Cousins or Favors. And whoever Minnesota doesn't take will go to Detroit, because we will take Monroe. ;)
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    Ron Ron's "Champions"

    It was produced by Dr. Dre.
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    Draft Day Countdown

    2+4=6 And obviously he is THE sixth man.
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    Thank You Spencer

    Somewhere in Sacramento Jon Brockman is crying.
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    Thank You Noc

    Thank you for your scrappy play, and tough defense. I can understand why you wanted out, not much left in your career to be sitting dow behind Greene/Casspi. So no hard feelings and thank you. Best of luck in Philly!
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    Welcome Sammy D

    Welcome to the Kings!
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    Thank You Spencer

    Thank you Spencer for the years you had here, and thank you for beasting up everytime we played LA. Best of luck in Philly!
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    Omar Samhan?

    I really think this kid deserves at least a camp invite from us. He's got all the skill, size, and personallity. He seems like a great guy very natural and truthful in his interviews. The only thing about him is he lacks that elite athleticism. 6hjeuxrhuMM And better yet he's a Laker...
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    Kings NBA Draft Workouts

    I think we should invite this guy to our Summer League and take a good look at him, He reminds me of a mre effective John Bryant.
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    Jerseys- Kings and other- whatchya got?

    Celtics- Kevin Garnett Kings- Kevin Martin (got this one after they unveiled the new uniforms), Royal blue throwback Mike Bibby, Gold Lamé alt Mike Bibby, Gerald Wallace, Personolized Kings jersey with last name on back, and a regular Bibby Jersey USA- Grant Hill, Shaq
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    Put it on RECORD: Your picks for #5 and #33 & your guess on Petrie's pick #5 and #33

    My 1st and 2nd choices for pick #5 1.) Johnson [I think this kid is a superstar in the making] 2.) DMC My 1st and 2nd choices for pick #33: 1.) Crawford 2.) Domonique Jones I think Petrie will pick: #5 - DMC #33 - Jones
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    Draft Day Countdown

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    New Tyreke Mix

    I'll be making a Donté Greene one next weekend.
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    New Tyreke Mix

    I actually just used Windows Movie Maker.