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  1. Gary

    The Road to catching the Spurs

    Spurs won by ONE stinking point. But on a high note the Lakers lost again! That team is the definition of dysfunctional. I don't think they will be catching us. So there are 9 teams in the west vying for 8 playoff spots.. If we keep playing hard we will get one of them! GO KINGS!
  2. Gary

    [Game] Kings v. Suns - Sunday, 2/10 - 3PT/6ET

    Over the last 10 games.. Bagley III ; 15.9 ppg 9.1 rpg 1.1bpg
  3. Gary

    Does MB III make WCS expendable?

    Nah, it might be an unpopular opinion but I like WCS and he's definitely good enough to be a good rotation player and spot starter for a contending team!
  4. Gary

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (FEB)

    Trae Young seems to be looking good. Still taking all the shots he wants, but now putting up decent points per game and assists.
  5. Gary

    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    I hate these kind of games where we are getting our butts kicked until the last 5 mins.. UGH!!!
  6. Gary

    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    Seems about right although I would probably go Fox/Hield/Barnes/Basley/WCS ---- That leaves Bogie/Bjelica/Burks/Giles/Koufas/Brewer/ferrell coming off the bench.. That's a pretty strong second unit. Two great scorers and ball handlers with some decent three point shooting and they are all...
  7. Gary

    Welcome mr barnes

    Welcome Harrison! You were on my draft radar a few years back. Glad to have you! The SF position is yours!
  8. Gary

    JJackson, Zbo to Dallas for Harrison Barnes

    Good trades.. Got a decent SF and a good bench guy..
  9. Gary

    Kings turned down Porzingis trade

    Oh hell no.. I am glad we didn't make that move. Fox by next year will probably be one of the top 5 defensive PGs, and top 6-9 PG in the league. You don't trade that.
  10. Gary

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (FEB)

    Why on earth is Indiana using Tyreke like they are? I have been hard on Evans since he came into the league but he's grown on me, and I think he's worth twice what the Pacers are actually using him for.. What a shame!
  11. Gary


    I guess I can put this question here... Are you all OK with Buddy being the #1 option when it comes to scoring? I think next year is going to be crazy if this year pans out like it is. We could see Hield averaging 25ppg if this is the direction we take it. Fox becomes a Conely type player where...
  12. Gary

    What's up with Bogi?

    Bogdan is fine. He will be OK. He's still showing that he's a damn good player and this year he's not afraid to shoot which is good.
  13. Gary

    What's your guess for February?

    Hi Vlade, I like your setup.. I am going to use that one. 6 - 4 seems like a reachable goal this month. 52 Sat. Feb. 2 Philadelphia 7:00 PM - WIN 53 Mon. Feb. 4 San Antonio 7:00 PM NBATV - WIN 54 Wed. Feb. 6 Houston 7:00 PM - LOSS 55 Fri. Feb. 8 Miami 7:00 PM - WIN 56 Sun. Feb. 10 Phoenix 3:00...
  14. Gary

    What Deal Would You Make for Otto Porter?

    Why? This is the first year for two of our up and coming players, second year for Fox and Bogs and 4th year for Hield, and WCS. If we kept with this core we can only get better and better. If we make trades just to make trades, and nothing more we will be sitting where we are now next year, the...
  15. Gary

    Rank the players

    Tier 1 - Fox, Hield, Bogdan Tier 2 - Bagley III And the rest..
  16. Gary

    2019 FA Target; Noah Vonleh

    I would rather have Kanter. Instant starter at C, move Willie to PF and up Bogdan to SF, keep Hield and Fox where they are. Our bench would be thin though. Not much scoring.
  17. Gary

    [Game] Sac vs. Orl Jan 7th 7PT/10ET

    Welcome back Bagley! It's time to bench Bjelica.
  18. Gary

    Harry Giles thread back on track ;)

    Still not convinced on Giles. Give him end of 3rd start of 4th quarter mins as well as end of 1st and start of 2nd. About 12-15mins a game. If he can keep up what he's doing then maybe give him more time.
  19. Gary

    What's your guess for January?

    So.. We went 9-6 in December. I guessed 8-7 so we really did well! OK I am a bit late to the party on this guessing game so I will go with...... 8-3 for the rest of the games this month making us 9-6 total. We need to put together a winning streak ASAP. 41 Tue. Jan. 8 @ Phoenix 6:00 PM W 42...
  20. Gary

    Chandler Parsons

    He was pretty damn clutch for a while there. When he went to Memphis he fell off big time. Might have just been where he was playing.. We use that excuse for college players all the time. I would definitely take a chance on him.