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    [Game] Kings @ Nuggets - Wednesday, Feb. 13 - 6PT/9ET

    They need Burks to handle the ball more and create and less of Bogi, he's a way better creator/ball handler than anyone in that 2nd unit yet Bagley/Giles/Bogi are the only ones that touch the ball when he's on the floor. Whats the point of having him out there to watch Bagley iso and Bogi...
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    Superstitious Vlade

    You guys need to B-ehave
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    [Game] Kings v. Suns - Sunday, 2/10 - 3PT/6ET

    With so much offensive fire power now it means WCS is not getting the ball on offense and it's allowing him to exert himself at what he was born to do and that's defend. Hopefully the coaching staff told him after the trades + Bagley now regularly going for 15-20+ to just defend and roll to the rim.
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    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    they should just play him as the back up 3 in the 2nd unit and start Barnes or Bagley @PF, our bench of Harry/Bagley/Burks/Yogi/Bjelica is pretty beast imo.
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    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    Team is real deep you got guys coming off the bench or playing limited minutes like Burks/Giles/Bagley/Bjelica who can all win you a game in a quarter and plus you got Yogi who's been playing as solid as any back up PG. I don't think back to back's are going to much of a problem now, before they...
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    Kings sign Corey Brewer to a 10 day contract.

    I don't understand why we didn't cut Ben straight away and sign Brewer at the start of the year
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    at the NBA level Yogi is a far superior player to Teo it's not even close, Teo is arguably one of the worst PG's in the NBA his style of ball is just not suited for it, now if both were in the EuroLeague/International ball than yeah Teo would destroy him since he could dominate the ball and...
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    Welcome Alec Burks!

    If hes health he's a absoulte game changer Tyreke Evans (quicker less strong)type player this move could really pay huge dividends, he's got massive talent but injuries have to allowed him to ever get it all together. The guy in the half court is the best we got at getting to the rim and...
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    Welcome mr barnes

    It could also open for Bagley to start and moving Bjelly to the bench as well
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    Welcome mr barnes

    I could see them starting Barnes @PF with Bogie@SF and giving Alec Burks the ball in the 2nd unit taking over for Bogie and moving Bjelly to the back up SF.
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    Kings trade Skal for Caleb Swanigan

    When I watched Caleb play a few seasons back in SL he legit looked like Kevin Love with the shooting/passing/post game not sure what happened in Portland, but he can replace some of what Kosta does and add passing.
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    Kings sign Corey Brewer to a 10 day contract.

    He's a gambling defender for the most part he did a nice job on Harden couple games back he's still super quick up and down the floor.
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    Kings sign Corey Brewer to a 10 day contract.

    Been saying this at least 3-4 times in the SF trade thread glad they got it done.
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    Thank you Shump

    Him and Bjelly really at the start of the season keep us afloat/thriving by playing insane basketball, props to Shump for coming in and not dogging us (e.g Terry) and resurrecting his career his reward is now he gets to maybe win another ring in Houston and really the trade works out great for...
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    Kings trade Shumpert

    Burks is as slippery as they come getting into the lane he will put so much pressure with Fox on defenses and hopefully get them into foul trouble and also setting up Bogie/Bjelica/Barnes/Buddy/Yogi for wide open looks.
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    Vlade Divac

    With the squad we currently have if it fails its 100% on the players/coaches we have solved two massive issues in a legit SF (Barnes) and another guy who can in the half court break down a defense BETTER THAN ANYONE on this squad in Burkes, imo we have to make the playoffs now or else it's a...
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    Clippers blow it up?

    I like the fact they are at least going all in you could do a lot worse than a core of Embiid Simmons/Harris/Butler and even if both Butler/Harris walk you still got two studs to build around so no real lose to them imo, I don't really think those draft picks will help them as much as quality...
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    SF Trades

    In a worst case scenario if we can't make any decent trades I'd offer the Pelicans Mclemore for Solomon Hill, as awful as Hill has been since his deal in NO he's a big athletic SF body who can come in and match up with the bigger/more athletic SF for brief periods. I would do the trade...
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    SF Trades

    I said this the moment his 2 way ran out completely forgot he was still unsigned we 100% should
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    What should and what will the Kings do?

    What about Reggie Bullock?Pistons are basically nearly done in the East I'm sure we could get something done.