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  1. chief bromden

    Post National Media Coverage Here (merged with Ringer thread)

    Fox is a dream. Keep rocketing De'Aaron!
  2. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Friday, 2/8 - 7PT/10ET

    Not much to add here to these 24 pages, except the crowd was the loudest its been over a sustained amount of time out of the games I've been to this year (~12). The defense chants down the stretch were Arco-esque level from back in the late 90s. Pretty fun to experience that again after all...
  3. chief bromden

    Harrison Barnes

    Gunna be hard to replace 2pts, 2rebs, 1 ast in 20 minutes. In all seriousness, his three point celebration from the bench will be missed the most, with his endless hopping during the lineup announcement a close second.
  4. chief bromden

    Marvin Bagley - the legend begins

    Last night he shot the ball with no hesitation, and the shot overall looked smooth with a faster release. People around me were yelling for him to get in the paint, but I see it as him probing the boundaries of his development. As the game grew, he patrolled the paint and was a difference...
  5. chief bromden

    What should and what will the Kings do?

    I would try to trade any expiring (Ben, Kosta, zbo), Skal, or Frank for any player resembling a rotation 3. I’d trade Jackson too, or 2nd round picks. I’m off the trade Willie train since the Kings can match and I don’t think any teams will sign him to a crazy deal. Kings are actually a...
  6. chief bromden

    Anybody still think Buddy should come off the bench?

    I dunno, his foot is never on the line when he launches from deep ;)
  7. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings v. 76ers - Saturday, Feb. 2 - 10PM ET/7PM PT

    He looked tired and disengaged on the bench last night. He didn’t say a word to a teammate on the bench all night. Maybe that’s normal for him?
  8. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings v. 76ers - Saturday, Feb. 2 - 10PM ET/7PM PT

    Going to this game and can't wait!
  9. chief bromden

    Boogie to the Warriors.

    Boogie's emotions looked under control last night with 5 fouls. This stint on the Warriors may end up paying huge dividends for his future success!
  10. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings @ Raptors Tuesday 1/22/19 @ 4:00pm PT/ 7:00pm ET

    Time to bring Buddy back in
  11. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings @ Raptors Tuesday 1/22/19 @ 4:00pm PT/ 7:00pm ET

    Alls I said was I was not surprised....?