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    League Team Pass: Kings?

    Games were blacked out for me. Eventually I was able to get access through a VPN provider (NordVPN, link has my referral code)
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    [Game] Kings @ Clippers, 12/03/2022 1pm Pacific 4pm Eastern

    I'm enjoying the Holmes--Len reunion lineup
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    [Game] Kings @ Clippers, 12/03/2022 1pm Pacific 4pm Eastern

    Maybe a bit too much aggression from Malik on that play
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    About time!
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    Think About D Cousins (Really)

    I think Cousins' path to the NBA begins with some team's big having a season ending injury.
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    If Twitter goes belly up....options?

    Spectacle is sort of central to the whole sports experience, which is why I think being photo first might be the way to go for that domain. How useful is sports news really anyway?
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    If Twitter goes belly up....options?

    An article from nytimes about the challenges of implementing moderation, but indicates there's some interest in Mastodon from journalists I think for professional sports, players are the key influencers. A lot seem to...
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    I think we made the playoffs with Ron Artest, so I’m not sure about the rules of this counterfactual. Rudy Gay is about the only starter from our past that I think would be a clear upgrade over their counterpart from today. Our bench certainly has room for improvement.
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    [Game] Kings vs. Pistons, 11/20/2022 3pm Pacific 6pm Eastern

    Yeah, getting hit in the face every 30 seconds of game time might be a little distracting
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    If Twitter goes belly up....options?

    I'll quickly point out that Mastodon serializes all conversations to RSS for interoperability's sake, ->
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    If Twitter goes belly up....options?

    Yeah, some communities are more developed than others. I sort of expect someone to create an instance around sports discussion at some point. There might even be a Sacramento Kings fans instance someday. Mastodon is more oriented towards peer to peer conversations. I often use Twitter to...
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    If Twitter goes belly up....options?

    If all software engineers were fungible, maybe you'd have a point, but a lot of what drives staffing bloat is extreme specialization. One software engineer could be the only guy in the company that knows how to develop a particular software component. The company builds a team to increase the...
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    If Twitter goes belly up....options?

    Given the mass exits, it will be quite difficult for Twitter to make changes without losing data and causing outages. It will float around for a while if it's left alone, but if somebody starts pressing buttons and unplugging things, it's possible some things will get irreparably broken and data...
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    If Twitter goes belly up....options?

    I think Twitter has a bunch of different use cases - subscribing to realtime news from a personally curated set of sources - forming communities of common interest, networking, discussion - establishing a personal brand, publishing - cyberbullying public figures, engaging with celebrities -...
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    [Game] Kings vs. Spurs, 11/17/2022 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    Looking at the Spurs roster this year, This is the first time in a long while that I haven't been able to recognize any player on an NBA roster. I have no idea who these guys are, don't even remember any being drafted.
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    Star Fox

    The massive increase in free throw percentage indicates mechanics being the primary factor in his improved shooting
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    [KINGS] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (Redux)

    Let's sign Boogie so that we can trade him again!
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    [Game] Kings @ Magic, 11/05/2022 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern

    I noticed this too, a play where Fox seemed to make eye contact with a ref and managed to score a late whistle.
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    De’Aaron Fox

    The gamewinner was sweet, but I especially liked how he started overtime disbelieving in the existence of Bol
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    Brooklyn Nets and their head coach Steve Nash part ways...

    Yeah sure, Steve is the problem.