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  1. datamanwes

    Free agent sharpshooter Sam Merrill has reached an agreement with the Sacramento Kings

    Samuel Hoskins Merrill is an American professional basketball player who last played for the Memphis Grizzlies of the National Basketball Association. He played college basketball for the Utah State Aggies. Wikipedia Born: May 15, 1996 (age 26 years), Salt Lake City, UT NBA draft: 2020 (Round: 2...
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    Keegan = MVP

    Keegan deserved it. I was worried it might not go to him. But he sure deserved it. Congrats Keegan
  3. datamanwes

    Trade Deadline Q&A with Monte McNair

    Thanks Mike
  4. datamanwes

    [Game] Kings vs. T-Wolves 2/09/22 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    The team i saw tonight is the team i have hoped to see for a very long time. I have a feeling we will see this team quite a bit and i am very happy
  5. datamanwes

    Thank You Buddy

    Thank you for being the guy that broke the record for threes in Sacramento. Good luck to you
  6. datamanwes

    Thank you Tyrese

    My favorite Kings player. You will be missed
  7. datamanwes

    Welcome Domantas Sabonis

    I am glad you are here
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    [Game] Kings vs. Wizards, 12/15/2021 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    I think Simmons is a good talent. But I am very leery of having him on a young team. His outlook could poison the locker room. worse than it is now
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    [Game] Kings @ Trailblazers, 10/20/21, 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern

    Last night was a real good game to watch. The refs ticked me off. Kings played real good defensively for the first three quarters. Barnes was on fire, Davion was impressive and left me with the impression he is a team changer with his defense. Tyrese was very unselfish with the ball and although...
  10. datamanwes

    Welcome Davion Mitchell

    Mitchell is a Pro. He will work and work and he will be a huge asset for the Kings for years to come
  11. datamanwes

    Predicted Kings win totals.

    This is the year 42 games won
  12. datamanwes


    You will be greatly missed VF21. You were the first person I followed here and I appreciated your comments to me. To her family my condolences she was awesome
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    Expectations of Kings' defense, 2021-22

    Saying Barnes was dumped to the Kings is a statement that rings totally biased . I think Monte has made some good moves this off season. Not enough to make the playoffs but its a start. I think Meu, and Harkless were good additions at the end of last season. I think King has potential but we...
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    Kings acquire Tristan Thompson for Delon Wright

    I just saw on Twitter from Ham that the deal is done
  15. datamanwes

    2021 Free Agency Mega Thread

    Ioannis Papapetrou. is a 6'9 Forward that plays in Greece
  16. datamanwes

    2021 Free Agency Mega Thread

    Two Minutes till countdown
  17. datamanwes

    2021 Workouts

    I think Monte is doing a good job this off season. Not looking at one outcome but studying them all in case something comes up he is prepared
  18. datamanwes

    Off season targets

    I would make that trade in a second.
  19. datamanwes

    KingsFans 2021 Draft Board: #2

    I would like to nominate Corey Kispert
  20. datamanwes

    Smart Like A Fox: De’Aaron Is Here To Stay (Interview with Carmichael Dave)

    Fox is the kind of player that Sacramento needs. He will be a big reason when Sacramento eventually turns the corner