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    SacBee article on Divac

    Sorry- the article is good, but I’m a little salty about the needless jab that Boogie “donned a Santa hat at Christmas to hand out toys.” The context of the paragraph is that Boogie was a malcontent who “occasionally smiled” and did a good deed once a year. I am thrilled with the trade...
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    Veteran KF members - are you still here?

    I had a similar experience, except mine was the CWebb trade for flexible pieces. I never knew this site existed and was looking for info on the trade. Stumbled in here and have stayed since. I have never posted a ton, but I read the board every day!
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    Predict the Opening Day Starting Line Up and Rotation

    This is what I think will happen, almost exactly, except I think WCS plays well, and it takes Bagley longer to force his way into the lineup (probably second half of the season when we are out of contention). I see a minutes breakdown as follows, and I do think a midseason trade of KK or WCS...
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    The Kings young core - is it enough?

    The easiest type of sports fan to be is the super negative, never satisfied naysayer. If the team is bad, you were “right” about the team and you can tell everyone how smart you are. If you are wrong and the team is good, the fans are going to be too happy to go back and try to remember who the...
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    Future of Willie Cauley-Stein?

    Seriously??? This is what it has come to? And I’m not picking just on you. While the premise of the thread is reasonable (what happens to WCS now that we have Bagley and Giles), some of the content is ridiculous. Apparently some on this board need someone to HATE and vehemently attack. I love...
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    ***The Official 2018 NBA Draft Thread***NO TWITTER SPOILERS!!

    I am really hoping for Luka. I am already prepared for "1-2-3, Marvin ROCKS!"
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    Michael Porter Jr

    That is interesting. He was very dismissive of Porter just before 5:00 pm, and was talking Doncic and Bagley. Typical Grant- he’s got all his bases covered. You can’t be wrong if you have occupied every possible position on the subject.
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    Michael Porter Jr

    For those who belive in Grant having inside info and selling the team line, Grant repeatedly said today that he thinks it is between Doncic and Bagley. Last week, he kept saying it was Porter if everything went well with the eval/workout. To me, that is the clearest signal that the Kings are...
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    Prediction for Draft Night thread!

    I say Doncic. My other prediction is that regardless of who the Kings take or what they do, a sizable portion of this board will find fault with Vlade. He should have taken Doncic, he should have taken Porter, he should have taken JJJ, he should have traded for Kawhi, he should have traded up...
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    Malachi Richardson traded for Bruno Coboclo

    The guy has a 7'7" wingspan, which is highly unusual for a guy who is 6'8". Also, despite being in his 4th season, he is only 22 years old (or one year older than Malachi). The way I see it, with Bogie, Buddy, Fox, and Mason at the guard spots, and with only JJ as a real future piece at the...
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    2017 Schedule released

    You have to go way way way back to 2015-2016 when we lost to the Clippers.
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    KINGS! Summer League in Vegas! GM 1 7/7/17

    Whoa- our game hasn't even started. It is being played on the SAME court as the LA game. Our game will start when that is over. Just like March madness or any other tourney where they share venues.
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    Trip down memory lane

    I was there too (and it was amazing), but I'm pretty sure half of those guys were not, and it was a few years later. Lol. I dont think Spud or Hurley were around. The point guard was Tyus Edny. And I think L-Train was playing limited minutes off the bench by this time. This was definitely Rock...
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    Kings v. Nuggets - 2/23/17 - POSTGAME THREAD

    I hate the "comparison" game, but Buddy looks similar to a young Jamal Crawford. He looks able to get his shot, get to the rim, and score in a variety of different ways. Like Crawford, he doesn't look like much of a distributor or defender (though he tries hard), but he looks like he could be...
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    Bash Grant Napear - February 2017 edition

    Lol. You are kidding, right? Like seriously, you are kidding?? The odds of the Pellies drafting 6 are nowhere near equal to the odds of them making the playoffs. They traded a guy who has been injured all year and a rookie barely in the rotation,for the best big in basketball. You cannot find...
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    Bash Grant Napear - February 2017 edition

    other Grant "great moments" before he hung up on me: Me: The draft pick is going to be something like 13-17. Grant: you are assuming they make the playoffs. That is no guarantee. That pick is just as likely in the 6-8 range. Me: you think they won't make the playoffs? Grant: we have no way of...
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    Bash Grant Napear - February 2017 edition

    I tried to make the same point to Grant and he cut me off. "This team isn't tanking. They are 2 games up on Philly. They aren't tanking." the guy is s complete clown
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    Tour de France

    I used to follow the Tour closely for many years, but have lost interest the past few years. Things are dominated by Froome and the Sky Team, and they have such a deep and talented roster of climbers that they can simply ride fast tempo in the mountains and drown out any would be attackers...
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    Free Agency

    What about Koufas? And Omri? And I think Temple is the backup point guard unless and until we get someone else. They guy has spent just as much time playing 1 as he has 2 over his career. And I love WCS as much as anyone, but a position group with Rudy (probably top 40 player in NBA) as well...
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    Free Agency

    To me, this is actually a positive for us. A few super teams is best for our short term goals. We are not realistically better than GS or the Spurs in the next 2-3 years. Our goal this year is the playoffs. Our goal next year should be to win a round/top 5-6 seed. Our goal should be to contend...