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  1. Reverend


    LMAO why’d I think this thread was gonna be about the team in Orlando or the former player in LA named Earvin…
  2. Reverend

    Fox and/or #4 Trade Ideas

    Well I mean Sabonis is a great rebounder and then depending on lineups a guy like Donte can rebound fairly well for his position I wouldn’t really focus on what he can’t bring because there’s a lot that he can do that would help right away.
  3. Reverend

    Fox and/or #4 Trade Ideas

    #2 is god awful man are you sure you’re a Kings fan??
  4. Reverend

    2022 Free Agent Targets

    Sending out 6 players is highly unlikely and way too complicated, can’t you take Rozier out and perhaps the pick or PJ and simplify the deal?
  5. Reverend

    Trading the pick.

    Also a top 4 pick makes more sense here, if you land 5th pick the cream of the crop is basically off the board at this point most likely (Ivey, Banchero included) so they are essentially saying they wouldn’t trade AJ Griffin, Keegan Murray, or Johnny Davis for Collins because he is a fringe all...
  6. Reverend

    Trading the pick.

    Lol also completely unrealistic
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    Trading the pick.

    Obviously depends on where you land in the draft lottery. I like the idea of targeting a guy like OG with Holmes and a pick. Raptors have said to be interested in Holmes in the past and you’d think they might be interested in resetting their timeline around Scottie Barnes and another top 10 pick...
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    Blow It Up

    It really does feel like Fox is being held out because they probably want to move on from him and told him and his agent directly they’re looking for trades. A change of scenery certainly what’s best for both parties at this point imho
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    Blow It Up

    Sore ankle is what’s keeping Fox out hmm?? Guess we’ll find out Saturday in Philly…
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    Guard glut

    Sorry this was meant for Jkbiker
  11. Reverend

    Guard glut

    Since when can Porzingis defend? Lol
  12. Reverend

    Kayte Christensen

    Hope this opens up a spot for Mo on the pre - post game
  13. Reverend

    Kayte Christensen

    Koz is not bad man
  14. Reverend


    Damn man I was so sad to get this news just now, RIP
  15. Reverend

    Las Vegas Summer League

    I feel like him and Terence Davis may eventually become interchangeable in that way, long combo guards that can come in, handle the ball a bit and get hot
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    NBA Lottery Thread

    Idk man I think especially in the eastern conference he would be one of the better guards in the conference
  17. Reverend

    Shams: Lakers discuss Kuzma for Buddy deal

    It was awhile ago but the first one that comes to mind is when we traded for the rights to Donte Green from the Rockets. I don’t know about quite often maybe my memory is just bad
  18. Reverend

    Marvin Bagley will ball out next season!

    She’s fire gah damn
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    Off season targets

    I can totally see him playing in the California classic
  20. Reverend

    Players that I would target with the 9th pick:

    I guess we know which way we’re headed…