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  1. 63royals

    ESPN: Kings to miss the playoff

    Well if BSPN says we're doomed we might as well start tanking, since there's no longer any hope for our season.
  2. 63royals

    More on Justin Jackson (split from game thread)

    Another example of the many reasons I love this site!!! Why read the whole wall of cherry-picking text when one of the many fine posters here can summarize it so effectively.
  3. 63royals

    Time for a Starting Lineup and/or Rotation Shake Up?

    Isn't that statement a violation of one of the fundamental laws of the internet? ;)
  4. 63royals

    Draft and Develop

    It's never been explained why the fact that this franchise drafted Jimmer has anything at all to do with what's happening now.
  5. 63royals

    There is no topic

    I was aware of the Commodores but wasn't familiar with that song (was already out of college when it came out). I found the music industry hype for Bon Jovi to be infuriating -- 'He's just like Springsteen because he's from New Jersey! And he's pop-friendly because he focuses on the fun...
  6. 63royals

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JAN)

    I can definitely relate. For me it was Caldwell Jones.
  7. 63royals

    DeAaron Fox

    Since the Kings weren't playing, I decided to be a Bucks fan tonight -- small market solidarity and all that. So I really enjoyed the way they took down the Rockets. Harden even got called for a couple of charges o_O .
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    I always hope, at the start of a season, that I don't have to watch a Kings game like that. Unfortunately, I know better.
  9. 63royals

    Justin Jackson's career-high 28 points

    Also want to see how Kingsfan2002 will fit this into the narrative that JJ is the worst player ever. Most likely we'll just hear crickets until the next time he has a bad game.
  10. 63royals

    What's your guess for January?

    I have a formula! (Hammer + SLAB) / 2 = Truth Don't need anything more than that, right?
  11. 63royals

    What's your guess for December?

    I suspect that calling attention to the fact that I voted 10-5 would have led to a few senile jokes back around the first of December. Now, I'm utterly amazed that there's a chance it might be right. What an amazing team!!!
  12. 63royals

    Bogdan the Lakerslayer Bogdanovic

    THAT is why I watch basketball.
  13. 63royals

    What's your guess for December?

    On behalf of myself and my distinguished colleagues The Hammer, Larry89, bubulina, NewArena, and BaDgEraffe, who predicted 10-5 -- I think they can get there. They need to go 2-1 and I think they can do it. Make someone regret going back for thirds in the 4th quarter. That's OUR quarter.
  14. 63royals

    The 2015 Philly trade - the worst trade in NBA history iirc

    The level of hysteria on this one was utterly ridiculous. There were scenarios where it could have turned out really badly, but they didn't occur. So, in the end, it wasn't very significant. It wasn't the worst trade in NBA history, that was a reflection of the level of hysteria at the time...
  15. 63royals

    Joerger clarifies comment! (New thread so nobody misses it)

    Let me see if I got this straight -- a bunch of people on Twitter made snarky comments about the Kings, and that proves there's a sinister plot?
  16. 63royals

    [Game] Kings @ Timberwolves - Monday, Dec. 17 - 5PT/8ET

    Impeccable logic, sir! ;)
  17. 63royals

    [Game] Kings v. Warriors - Friday, Dec. 14 - 7PT/10ET

    Kinda like going after roaches, isn't it?
  18. 63royals

    [Game] Kings v. Warriors - Friday, Dec. 14 - 7PT/10ET

    Get that Ban Hammer ready !!!
  19. 63royals

    Luka Doncic (the 'LET'S RE-LITIGATE THE PICK UNTO PERPETUITY~!' thread)

    #1 in my Top Drama Queens rankings.
  20. 63royals


    If the Kings, in the long run, want to decide between Yogi and Frank, what they've done lately makes a lot of sense to me. We saw for a while the team with Frank and no Yogi. Now, I presume, we're going to see a period of Yogi and no Frank.