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    SF Trades

    Not only will he get more open looks with us but if he comes and plays as advertised the others will see more open looks.
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    [KINGS] Comments about the Kings that don't warrant their own thread

    OK this is going to be a interesting night and I can see watching plenty of NBA tonight. So a nice dinner (carnita burrito or two) and a few drinks and then our game and being on the east coast time so I get to watch it early. Then after a much watched return of Cousins in LA against the...
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    SF Trades

    He will definitely get plenty of open looks if he’s willing to help push the pace so Come on down and enjoy the ride!
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    Don't need Luka!

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    SF Trades

    Most teams that are in our position this season are looking at improving their roster and that usually means making a trade for a piece they are missing or needing to upgrade in the push to make the playoffs. By our team trading away two starters will usually cause a disruption at least for a...
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    Shumpert v. Nurkic (split)

    Players get fouled all the time and we sometimes see a blatant foul. We have all seen many worse and he should of been called at least for a moving screen especially after a player gets hit and dropped like that. I am sure it wasn’t the first time he’s been hit and with this season going along...
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    Kings interested in Lin?

    He may add a taller more experienced point guard but if this is our answer then it leaves me looking for more. I know we have a truly great point guard now but at this point in Lin’s career he’s current traits are? He seems like more of a slasher type guard and looking at his last 5 or 6 games...
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    [Game] Kings v. Trailblazers - Monday, Jan. 14 - 7PT/10ET

    Our rotation is really starting to look pretty good. I see little drop in production with Bogi, yogi, JJ, Giles and Bagley on the floor together as they make a pretty lethal combination against anybody’s second group off the bench. That’s not saying anything bad about our starters just that I...
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    [Game] Kings v. Trailblazers - Monday, Jan. 14 - 7PT/10ET

    The second group played great as I saw no let down and left me imagining our future with Giles and Bagley. I was also impressed with JJ and it has to be very rewarding for him when the coach puts you in at a crucial point in the game. Great confidence in his defense and his clutch shooting as...
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    Forward Thinking Trade Ideas?

    Well I can see everyone’s point so let’s add this. Most of us agree we are fine at of,sg and pretty much with pg. what I consider strength is a good starter and a good backup. Now I see a weakness at sf and center. I am warming up to JJ and WCS to a point but just don’t see them as long term...
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    I have watched how a couple of our bigs box out lately and for the most part the style is different. WCS turns slightly and with one hand tries to keep the opposing player at bay. Now with Giles he faces the basket with his arms slightly outstretched and backs the opponents back away and then...
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    Kings discussing trade for Kanter?- Woj

    With so many teams in the playoff hunt at this time it’s not surprising to not see many rumors floating around. As far as the Kanter trade goes well if we are swapping expiring contracts and we get another rotational player I say go for it. But I think no matter how bad the knicks want to...
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    [Game] Kings v Hornets, Saturday, Jan. 12 - 7PT/10ET

    Not everyone is going to have a great game and most teams will have flat spots in the game with opponents making runs. You just have to adjust and weather them. The coach did a very good job with that last night. I really saw the coach playing Giles and Bagley for a long stretch together last...
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    Kings discussing trade for Kanter?- Woj

    Did everyone see Kanter missed yesterday’s practice because of results of his cheeseburger bender. Something like 7 cheeseburgers and a few of them were triple patties with all the fixings and fries. Is out for tonight’s game also. I really think his playing days in the big apple is over.
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    [Game] Kings v Pistons 1/10/19 7pm PT/10pm ET- Time to battle

    Well I really have no idea what we need to do? Do we trade him before he walks? Do we wait to try and match the offers he gets? Do we make him our franchise piece and pay him 20 million? Well we didn’t want to pay DeMarcus and I don’t see paying WCS anywhere close to 20 million a year...
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    Time to put Bagley in the starting lineup?

    I have perfect faith in Bagleys ability to be a scorer at all levels but right now he needs to concentrate on his strength’s and work on the rest.
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    Assessing Giles (January version)

    Giles could be our idea pick and roll from the low post as they could not sag on our guard because Giles can shoot. He had the fouls and turnovers last night but he’s still learning and is beginning to play more controlled. Better than Bagley or Fox? Only time can tell but the teams future is...
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    Kings discussing trade for Kanter?- Woj

    We made a deal last year and I was glad to open space up so Fox could get more playing time. WCS is our center at least for awhile however long of time that is. And having said that most of us agree we have a problem at small forward and the center position. Is anyone really seriously...
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    Kings discussing trade for Kanter?- Woj

    Are we even going to use are cap space this season? I want to use it in a trade to try and make the playoffs and maybe even get up side down on it. We have not been in this situation for awhile and I have hope that a really good free agent would come here in the off season but I kinda doubt it...
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    Chandler Parsons

    Kanter maybe but I would put Zebo back in the lineup to do pick and rolls and add toughness before I would even consider the others mentioned.