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  1. LPKingsFan

    More on Justin Jackson (split from game thread)

    Jackson was featured in Zach Lowe’s weekly “10 things I like/don’t like” column. Guess whether he was liked or not liked?
  2. LPKingsFan

    Kings interested in Lin?

    Yeah, I could see Houston trading a first if they could get back Lin and someone like Dedmon to help out at center with Capela out. Salaries match well enough with Knight and Chriss going to ATL, I think.
  3. LPKingsFan

    [Game] Kings v Hornets, Saturday, Jan. 12 - 7PT/10ET

    Although the Sean Chen fan club during that one pre season was a bit outspoken too
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    [Game] Kings v Hornets, Saturday, Jan. 12 - 7PT/10ET

    Still have scars from the Hedo/JJax wars of 03...
  5. LPKingsFan

    [Game] Kings vs Suns Jan 6PT-9ET

    Did they get too much praise for the ball movement against the Magic? Seemed like they made one too many passes at times tonight.
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    Sleeptrain Arena could be a new zoo for Sacramento

    Well, a friend of mine from out of town used to joke that Sacramento locals would say everything is 15 minutes away no matter the distance. But, in this instance, I think 15 minutes is about right! The current location and proposed site are completely different, though. I understand Natomas'...
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    [Game] Sac vs. Orl Jan 7th 7PT/10ET

    Not sure where to put this, but this was my favorite play of the night:
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    [Game] Kings V Denver - 1/3/19 - 7 PM PST

    I really think Otto Porter could do wonders for this team.
  9. LPKingsFan

    [Game] Kings V Denver - 1/3/19 - 7 PM PST

    Since it happens so often, I have to think it’s strategy. Coach isn’t one to suffer recurring lapses. Besides, it’s clear they like having a big up top to leak out on the break. They’re gambling on getting the rebound, though, and it’s been biting them recently.
  10. LPKingsFan

    [Game] Kings V Denver - 1/3/19 - 7 PM PST

    This is an important point, and one that will get lost on those who just look at the box score.
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    Willie Cauley-Stein: the 2018-19 Season watch

    I believe it was the WCS “crystal ball” thread this summer where I mentioned I saw him long term as our third big. I still do. zach Lowe recently suggested “Larry Nance money” as a realistic hope for the Kings ($45M for four years) and id be fine with that. Surveying the teams with available...
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    Why no Bjelica in crunch time?

    Can just pull the rebounds per/100 possession #s to make the best comparison: Bagley: 12.2 Bjelica: 11.2 For reference: Koufos: 16.9 WCS: 13.8 (maybe the "eye test" is giving him a bad rep, too?) link: My eyes saw Bjelica...
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    [Game] Kings @ Lakers - Sunday, Dec. 30 - 6:30PT/9:30ET

    I don't know about that. The Kings need Bogdan's playmaking when Fox sits. Finish the game with your best lineup, Bodgdan included, of course--but I think you are better off starting Buddy and staggering Fox/Bogdan early on. One thing I liked last night was when Fox got his fourth foul and...
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    Why are the Stats model so off on the Kings?

    I may be way off on this, but I believe 538’s model is based on its model for individual player projections. So, if the model is off on a few key players, it could miss on the team as a whole quite a bit. I haven’t checked, but I’d guess that a few key Kings are overperforming their projection...
  15. LPKingsFan

    Bagley Knee - Cleared to play!

    You’re patella-n me!
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    What are you reading?

    Saw this in the book store the other day and was tempted to pick it up. I'm still working through Chernow's 900-plus-page Grant, though, and the thought of taking on another 800-plus page book seemed too daunting. I may have been the only one of my friends not to take his course in college, so...
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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Wednesday, Dec. 19 - 7PT/10ET

    Did you watch the video? My first impression of the quote was the same as yours. However, the video shows a reporter asking questions essentially setting Willie up to say something along the lines that you suggest. He doesn’t. If anything, he comes off as thinking thus he’s already that good...
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    Harry Giles thread back on track ;)

    I do wonder, though, are decisions to send guys up/down made by the coaching staff? Front office? Some combination?
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    [Game] Kings v. Thunder - Wednesday, Dec. 19 - 7PT/10ET

    Usually watching the video of questionable comments helps me understand the context and, often, feel better. I'm not sure this is one of those times:
  20. LPKingsFan

    DeAaron Fox

    Best player on the court this evening. The only thing that stops him is when he briefly forgets that.