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  1. Kingster

    How would you fix the draft? (split)

    Just a thought, but I wonder if it would be practical to have a five-year running average of a team's winning percentage to determine draft position. In so doing the current year would be just one among five. It's a lot easier to think about tanking for one year than five. Just a thought...
  2. Kingster

    Proper pronunciation of Nowitzki (split from Rising Stars thread)

    I can't get too bent with the mispronunciation of Bogdanovic. I still hear people mispronounce Nowitki's name and phonetically call him Nowitskee rather than Novitskee. (I think I heard Paul Pierce do that just recently). It seemed like it took it decade for most announcers to finally...
  3. Kingster

    Kings Need to Toughen Up

    The softness of this team has been evident for quite a while, despite the addition of the veterans. In one of the postgames Christie was saying that he would like to see both WCS and Skal swing at the ball when they are in position to do so. No swinging has occurred. No hard fouls have...
  4. Kingster

    Bogs injury isn't serious
  5. Kingster

    Vlade's Comments on the Draft

    Giles is a beautiful basketball talent. Wait for a couple of years. (His talent spoke to him in their workout). They traded down specifically to get Giles. In terms of FA, yes, we want people who win, but we also want those who can develop and mentor the youth The guy most ready to play...
  6. Kingster

    Are the Kings Going to Get Anything for McLemore?

    I'm assuming the Kings don't want to resign McLemore. Are they going to be able to sign and trade him? If so, what value is reasonable to expect in return? I am just dying to get some value for a player whom the Kings spent a #1 draft pick and for whom they invested four years of coaching...
  7. Kingster

    Mario Hezonja

    The guy that I'm interested in, and not for a first round draft pick, is Hezonja. I wanted him in the draft, Divac reportedly wanted him in the draft, and he's been a terrible disappointment with Orlando. When I saw him play against the Kings he looked like a shell of himself, not the player I...
  8. Kingster

    At what point is enough enough? (split)

    " what point is enough enough?" That is the question. So when is enough enough? Or can Cousins keep doing what he's doing indefinitely and still have the support of a Kings fan? Can Cousins do anything short of commit a crime and still have your support? I'd really like to know what...
  9. Kingster

    So What About Gay?

    Lost in the Cousins' shuffle is the report about Gay being on the trading block. Has anyone asked Vlade or Karl about that? It's highly doubtful Cousins gets traded, at least by the draft. But what about Gay? Vlade is talking about a historic change in the franchise. If that's the case, is...
  10. Kingster

    Archie Goodwin If PDA took a swing at the fences for D-Will, Goodwin should be right up his alley. This kid has a very high ceiling and is now in the dog house in Phoenix...
  11. Kingster

    Michael Malone's Motion Offense To my mind, this is the only prayer the Kings have of or reaching or exceeding .500 ball. I like Malone's intent. Now it's a question of whether that intent can translate into performance. It doesn't surprise me to...
  12. Kingster

    Diminished Impact of Center & the Three-Point Shot I don't think this subject gets enough discussion. Cousins may be the best center in basketball, which in years gone by would be huge news, but if the center's impact in determining the outcome of the game has diminished...
  13. Kingster

    Do We Want Gay That Badly? Not for $19 mill, imo.
  14. Kingster

    How 'bout Tristan rather than Jason? Both Thompson's are disenchanted. I'd rather have Tristan. He's only 23, still more upside in him.
  15. Kingster

    What Does DA Want in the Draft?

    He doesn't want defense and he doesn't want a glue guy. Forget about Smart, Gordon, WCS (if you're still sad, don't be), and forget about Capela. And if you think this team needs defense more than anything, you're wrong. And if you think we have too many guys that can shoot, you're really...
  16. Kingster

    Who Goes? Who Stays?

    What's your guess on who is with the team next year? Mine is: Who Stays: Cousins Thomas McLemore McCallum Outlaw Evans Landry Acy Who Goes: Gay Thompson D-Williams Gray
  17. Kingster

    It's All About "The Culture"

    Is it better than it was at the beginning of the season? What exactly is "the culture"? If memory serves, Malone has described the culture as high work ethic, commitment to defense and selflessness. Somebody can help me out here. What other attributes describe "culture"? If this season...
  18. Kingster

    If Cousins is a Top 3 Center in the League This Year, What Will the Kings Record Be?

    Hypothetically, if Cousins turns out to be a legit top 3 center in the league this year, not a "potential future star," but a guy everybody in the media is talking about as an All-Star this year, what do you think the Kings record will be this year? To me, if he's a top 3 center he's demanding...
  19. Kingster

    Orton? For a second round pick, I'd do it. He's had a very good summer, still young, and he's 6'10" 250 lbs.
  20. Kingster

    How does front office view Reke? (split)

    My question is: How does Kings management and coaching staff see Tyreke's position? (One can't keep up with every bit of info they might have mentioned in the media). The only thing I've heard is that they view him as someone "who can play the 1, 2 or the 3." Are there any other snippets of...