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  1. ParniValjak

    What's happened to WCS?

    Willie Cauley-Stein 4 rebounds in 27 minutes of game time! No other way to describe that other than PATHETIC!
  2. ParniValjak

    Corliss on the way out?!

    Chris Mannixā€¸ @ChrisMannixYS Orlando interviewed Corliss Williamson on Friday, sources told @TheVertical. Both sides hopeful to reach a deal to join Frank Vogel's staff.
  3. ParniValjak

    Kings and the draft (split from Vasquez thread)

    It's fair to say that it is way too early to call at this stage. So many things can chance in the next 10 or so months. What I do know is that the ideal type of player for this team would be a SF who can create for himself and others. Andrew Wiggins would be ideal but we are unlikely to get him...
  4. ParniValjak

    The wait continues and other news, rumors, etc.

    Nice find and very telling about general feeling amongst the owners! I always thought Allen would be in favor of the sale to Hansen/ Ballmer but sound like he is leaning towards Sacramento! The comments from Holt are encouraging. While I don't think the expansion has been discussed yet, it does...
  5. ParniValjak

    Waiting for whales and latest news, rumors, etc.

    Is KJ having his weekly presser tomorrow? Maybe a bit more info coming out in a few hours. I get the feeling when our group gets announced and the plan get revealed, it will be a huge bomb that blows Maloofs and Hansen/Ballmer out of the water!
  6. ParniValjak

    Tyler Honeycutt will get recalled from D-league after the road trip ends

    ...according to Jason Jones!/mr_jasonjones/status/160933078569730048 Hopefully it means that our mess that is a SF will be somewhat sorted out by shipping out some of the garbage.
  7. ParniValjak

    Franchise player tag!

    If the new CBA introduces a Franchise player tag as expected who do you think on the Kings will be nominated as the franchise player?
  8. ParniValjak

    Anaheim come up with an 11th hour deal "sweetener"?!?!?! I knew they would also have something up their sleeve but luckily for us, it doesn't appear to be too much of an 11th hour Joker card.
  9. ParniValjak

    Danilo Gallinari?!?!

    According to ESPN Denver might want to flip Gallinari and Felton on to another team. Would be have any interest in either for a reasonable trade price?! I do recall us having...
  10. ParniValjak

    Kings want Evans or Rubio?! Really it makes sense. Probably one of they highest ranked youngsters in the draft and which ever one is there we are likely to pick. I wonder what our thinking would be if both are gone by the time we are on...
  11. ParniValjak

    Cost Cutting and the impact of Basketball Operations

    I don't often start threads but I thought this is probably a valid point to debate. After the trade deadline, where our deals were more driven by financial than basketball perspective, I am wondering what impact will the cost cutting have on our coaching situation going into next year. I get...
  12. ParniValjak

    Bee: Kings eye Hedo reunion Kings eye a Hedo reunion A source says trade talks -- Ron Artest is a likely candidate -- have been held. By Sam Amick - Bee Staff Writer Published 12:00 am PDT Wednesday, July 4, 2007 Story appeared in SPORTS section, Page C3 Playing for the Kings...
  13. ParniValjak

    Kings open to trading their pick?! OK so lets consider the real possibility that Horford, Yi, B. Wright and Hawes (who we apparently like) are off the table when pick 10 comes around. Would you trade our pick this year #10 for Pick 24 and Atlanta's unprotected pick in next year's...
  14. ParniValjak

    Bee: NBA Draft: Scouting the power forwards NBA Draft: Scouting the power forwards By Scott Howard-Cooper - Bee Staff Writer Last Updated 2:24 am PDT Tuesday, June 26, 2007 Story appeared in SPORTS section, Page C3 Print | E-Mail | Comments (0)| Digg it | Brandan...
  15. ParniValjak

    Artest to Minnesota?! I wonder if we could use Artest to get another pick inside top 7 or trade up in the draft?! I would even be prepared to take a badish contract if it means we are getting pick 7 from Minnesota.
  16. ParniValjak

    Noah has a promise inside 10? Shaw, Theus to meet with Maloofs in Vegas By Sam Amick - Bee Staff Writer Published 12:00 am PDT Friday, June 15, 2007 Story appeared in SPORTS section, Page C3 After Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie had conducted two formal interviews...
  17. ParniValjak

    Brandan Wright

    Is this kid damaging his chances of getting drafted early because he is refusing to work out against other prospects? According to Boston Herald, he only agreed to do an individual work out with the Celtics. Now considering that Gerald Green did a similar thing a few years ago, is there a chance...
  18. ParniValjak

    Bee: Maloofs gush over Brooks (merge) Maloofs gush over Brooks Kings assistant wows co-owners in second head-coaching interview By Sam Amick - Bee Staff Writer Published 12:00 am PDT Tuesday, June 12, 2007 Story appeared in SPORTS section, Page C1 LAS VEGAS -- It was only 10:45 a.m...
  19. ParniValjak

    Kings trade and draft rumours

    I just listened to Draftexpress podcast and they talked a little bit about Sacramento. Kings are trying to dump Artest "like no other" and there are rumours involving Knicks. One rumour is Artest for Jamal Crawford, and the other is for Channing Frye and Malik Rose. Apparently Frye's trade...
  20. ParniValjak

    Blazers want Conley too?;_ylt=Andv.gqokXAmwBUKUsvRgsq8vLYF?slug=aw-blazers052407&prov=yhoo&type=lgns So the question is, would they entertain trading away Aldridge in order to get Conley? And if yes, would you trade pick 10 (assuming Conley is available at 10) to Blazers for Aldridge?