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    Malachi Richardson traded for Bruno Coboclo

    Toronto is finalizing deal to send Bruno Caboclo to Sacramento for Malachi Richardson, league sources tell Yahoo. @ShamsCharania
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    How does Bogdanovic look so far?

    Through 5 games what do you guys think of Bogdanovic? Small sample size, but he's put up 10pts 2asts 2.4rebs 1.4slts 1to on 46.7/23.1/100 On offense, he tries to play within. This is good and bad. Good that he doesn't try too hard and just naturally flows. Bad because our offense is horrible...
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    Kings interested in Hezonja? (merged)

    Michael Scotto‏@MikeAScotto Sources: Kings and Magic discussed a swap of Malachi Richardson and a second-round pick for Mario Hezonja, but trade talks stalled recently.
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    Welcome Bogdan Bogdanovic!

    He has officially signed his contract with the Kings!
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    Franchise SG: Richardson or Hield?

    We have two very different and young SGs on the roster. Who's the franchise SG? I thought it would be really interesting to look at both of them, and Richardson has been the forgotten young guy on our team. Malachi Richardson was looking very promising before his hamstring injury. Here's his...
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    Bucks offering MCW for Ben Mclemore
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    DMC looking good

    Jason Jones Verified account ‏@mr_jasonjones A noticeably slimmer DeMarcus Cousins at his skills camp at Sac High. He's about 20 pounds lighter.
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    James Anderson opts out of contract? Eric Pincus Verified account ‏@EricPincus Both Seth Curry and James Anderson have officially opted out of their contracts w/Sacramento Kings @BBallInsiders Could this be an error, Acy?
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    Do Rockets need Rudy?

    Rudy Gay's stock just climbed. Houston is in big trouble. Howard will be out, and Harden is the only above average player they have on their team. That series was brutal. It wouldn't surprise me if the Rockets or Pacers tried going after Gay. It's obvious that both teams desperately lack a...
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    George Karl wanted Cousins suspended

    but Vlade overruled him. I don't think you can close this thread.. there's already been numerous reports backing it up AND an apology from Cousins. Cursing at your coach is not a normal thing to do. It's disrespectful and shows your true colors. I guess Cousins can talk to Karl however he...
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    Crap rumor or farce - DeMarcus cursed out George Karl

    LINK REMOVED According to Jason Mclyntre, Vlade asked the players if he should fire Karl.
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    Real Madrid wants to join NBA

    Not sure where to put this, but this involves European Basketball. Real Madrid wants to join the NBA. This would mean amazing...
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    The Rugby thread

    I have a question. Is Jarred Hayne as big as Rugby League in comparison to Lebron in the NBA? The NFL wants to expand and I think the only way they get an expansion team in London like they want is if they can start pulling top tier rugby union players. Promoting a guy like Hayne will continue...
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    Shooting guard defensive impact graph

    These are analytics
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    NFL discussion thread for 2015-2016

    Worst 49er season ever. York runs Harbaugh out of town. Off seasons scuffles about class. 49ers decide to upgrade their DL coach to HC.. Best defensive coach in the NFL leaves. Gore decides to leave. Justin Smith decides to Patrick Willis is looking to retire. Not to mention all the...
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    Rudy Gay and Darren Collison are both out tonight vs the Rockets Consecutive nights in a row. Hopefully our team can continue to play at the level they were yesterday.
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    Rudy Gay and Darren Collison are both out tonight vs the Pelicans

    per Jason Jones. nooooooooooooo! Who will step up in his place?
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    Fresno St. and bay area's Tyler Johnson is available

    6'4 190lbs undrafted guard out of Fresno St. He was recently released by the Miami Heat. In his senior year at Fresno St, he averaged- 15.9pts 7.31rebs 2.9asts 1stl 1.34tos on 33 minutes of play 479 fg% .432 3pt% .805 ft% .595% TS...