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  1. King Baller

    Welcome Iman Shumpert

    Here's to hoping Iman can still play defense at age 27. He and his wife just bought a home in LA, nice digs--->
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    Hindsight - What vets should Kings have signed? (split)

    Give some examples of what good signings would be? I don't follow why these Vets are "bad signings"?
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    There is a person underneath those uniforms

    I have to admit this is a nice article by Ailene Voisin. Normally I don't care for her stuff: Here are a couple of quotes: “One thing I’ve learned is that you have to keep your bags packed,” he [George Hill] added. “You never know. If it happens, it happens. But I’ve made great relationships...
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    The Young Fellas are playing

    I love Popcorn Machines Game Flows. You can see the 2nd unit includes 2 rookies and 2 2nd year players. They played extensively in the Nets game including the 4th quarter. The 1st unit includes Bogdan and Willie. So 6 of the 10 players are Young Fellas in the Nets game. Link to Nets game...
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    George Hill

    Any questions?
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    Any questions? +17 was the highest on team while playing great defense!
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    JaKarr Sampson!

    Any questions?
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    De'Aaron Fox ready to play and David Stockton waived

    James Ham reported on Twitter that De'Aaron Fox was ready to play and David Stockton was waived. Link here-->
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    Kings will make the Playoffs! - Per Charles Barkley

    Read it here and watch the video: Link--> I did not see this episode of Open Court. Did anybody see this? What makes Chuck think the Kings will come out of the Western Conference as a Top 8 team?
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    Harry Giles

    Saw this and wanted to share it with everyone who is wanting to see him play: Sacramento Kings rookie forward Harry Giles will be out through at least January while he and the Kings training staff focus on a measured and sustained progression plan designed to improve physical strength in his...
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    Training camp video

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    Interview with Bogie

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    How will the Kings stretch the floor?

    This is an interesting article over on STR. According to the writer, Babygiraffe, the Kings shot the 3 point shot at a better percentage after the Boogie trade. STR has this article: One of the writers...
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    If Bogdan was in the 2017 draft, where would he be picked?

    OK so I know there is a Thread titled Bogdan Bogdanovic below. This thread is about where would he be picked in 2017? I'm pretty excited about seeing Bogdan in a Kings uniform. Also I think Vlade is getting little credit for fleecing the Suns in the trade that could bring one of the best...
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    Welcome Perry and Bornn

    Welcome to Sacramento Scott Perry and Luke Bornn. You guys will love the Fans and watch out for Vlade's practical jokes.
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    Buddy Hield - Western Conference Rookie of the Month

    Story here--> And here-->
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    Small Forwards the Kings

    IMO the Kings are going to need a veteran small forward for next season. I don't see a SF on the current Kings roster. Who should they target?
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    Willie Cauley-Stein

    Any questions? Does anyone think not being in the "Rising Star" game AND facing Jokic added incentive for the young man? Damn fine job WCS!!!
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    Move to increase Guard depth?

    With the trade deadline looming and 6 players out with injuries how can the Kings increase their Guard depth? They play 4 Bigs, Boogie, Koufos, Tolliver and Willie. can they spare Koufos? Will an injured Rudy Gay bring back a player? Casspi has been out with injury. Is he tradable? If there...
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    Grant Napear???

    Is it wise to have such a negative play by play man? I no longer listen to his radio show as he constantly spouts anti-Kings agenda. Also not forgotten is how long he supported the Maloofs. Maybe it is time for Grant to work for a team he actually likes? OK so it is spelled Napear, you know...