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  1. Capt. Factorial

    Hill To Cavaliers per Woj

    Utah will also send Joe Johnson to Sacramento, and Cleveland will send Jae Crowder and Derek Rose to Utah, league sources tell ESPN. Sacramento sends George Hill to the Cavs.
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    2018 Vegas Summer League - All 30 Teams It appears that for the first time, all 30 teams will be represented at the Vegas Summer League this year. *mind blown* Typically in the past 23-24 NBA teams have participated, with teams that are not party to the Vegas Summer...
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    [Grades] Grades/Postgame Discussion vs Timberwolves 12/14

    Looks like the Kings Mr. Hyded it out there tonight. In case anybody needs to vent, here's the place.
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    [Grades] Grades vs. Bucks

    Good news! This was NOT our worst loss to the Bucks in the last 13 months. Post your grades here. Please keep in mind that we are NOT waiving our rules against profanity for this thread.
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    [Grades] Grades vs. Warriors

    Now, I know Willie and Bogdan might not have had the greatest game, but be kind on them, folks...
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    [Grades] Grades v. Clippers, Third Quarter

    Grades threads segregated for your convenience.
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    [Grades] Grades vs. Clippers, First Half + Fourth Quarter

    Grades threads segregated for your convenience.
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    [Grades] Grades vs. Lakers (or We Won BUT...)

    Hey, we won! We gotta get a grades thread for that! Post 'em if you got 'em!
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    [Grades] Grades vs. Blazers, 11/17 Version

    Didn't get to see much but a few minutes of the second quarter, but I hear that Willie Cauley-Stein is still awful, right? Post your grades here!
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    [Grades] Grades vs. Hawks, because why not?

    Came home to find us down...43 points. To Atlanta. Glad I didn't watch this. If you did, I guess you can throw in some grades.
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    [Game] Kings @ Celtics - Wednesday, Nov. 1 - 4:30 PT

    Let the game thread begin!
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    Kings Exercise All 2018-2019 Options The Kings had five players on rookie deals with 2018-2019 options due to be picked up today: WCS, Hield, Labissiere, Papagiannis and Richardson. As expected, the team has picked up all of these options. Not a shocker, but...
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    [Grades] Grades, Kings vs. Suns 10-23-17

    Nobody has made this thread yet, probably because nobody really wants to re-live this one. But now here it is. I don't expect too many vowels in the grades tonight, but call 'em as you see 'em!
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    [Grades] Grades, Kings vs. Rockets 10-18-17

    Tetsujin's grades:
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    New Alternate Court Floor The Kings have announced a new alternate court floor to be used when the "global" uniform is used at home (this would be at least the "Bollywood Night", the "Chinese New Year Night", and probably other instances...
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    New Uniform Numbers Announced Since there's not a lot of news... The Kings have announced new (and changed) uniform numbers for this year (some of these we already knew): 3 - George Hill 7 - Skal Labissiere 8 - Bogdan Bogdanovic 10 -...
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    Summer League Game 6: Kings vs. Suns

    Didn't see a thread, figured I'd start one from court side. Not dressed for Kings: Fox, Hield, Mason, Giles, Richardson. Both Jacksons are dressed. I don't see Chriss.
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    NBA Changes Timeout/Delay of Game/Trade Deadline Rules Looks like this one is just breaking on Twitter thus far with no proper "story" written up that I've seen so far. The basic changes appear to be as follows: 1) The number of timeouts per regulation game is dropping from 18 to...
  19. Capt. Factorial

    Vertical: Clippers Sending CP3 to Rockets Chris Paul to the Rockets. Beverly, Dekker, Lou Williams, 2018 1st to the Clippers. Discuss. (Updated to include original source)
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    Welcome Harry Giles!

    Honestly, we didn't MEAN to not make a thread for you! If you can get back to where you were in high school - wow! Be good to your knees and let's build something special.