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  1. Telemachus

    what was the last movie you watched?

    Death Hunt (not related to the Death Wish movies) was always my favorite Charles Bronson movie.
  2. Telemachus

    KingsFans March Madness Brackets Pick-Em

    Me too.
  3. Telemachus

    The direction of the Carter/Randolph signings

    One of the problems the Lakers have is that they have put a lotof stock in the idea of getting 2 big FAs this off season. You could make an argument that Randle and KCP have been 2 of their best players this year and it is very likely that both won't be back. If they don't get those big...
  4. Telemachus

    [Game] Kings v. Magic - Friday, March 9 - 7 PT

    The problem with Giles is that the decision wasn't just based on the medicals. This is a guy who was ranked at the top of his class, but hadn't really played since his Junior year of HS. This is different than a scenario of someone like Embiid who dominated college only to get injured late...
  5. Telemachus

    [Game] Kings v. Magic - Friday, March 9 - 7 PT

    I think some are missing where the hype is coming from on Giles. This isn't like some players in the past where the hype is coming from Grant along with snippets from the front office. Almost all the hype has come from his teammates. Players who have given glowing reviews of Giles are VC...
  6. Telemachus

    [Game] Kings v. Magic - Friday, March 9 - 7 PT

    Most teams only had 1 1st rd pick. That means you have to get it right. Even if your doctors tell you the risks are minimal, it is still a risk with his injuries. That is why most teams don't start taking those risks until the 20s. The Kings had 3 picks which gave them more leeway to take...
  7. Telemachus

    Which potential top 6 pick fits us best?

    It looks like Porter Jr. Will play in the SEC tournament. Report: Missouri's Porter to return Thursday
  8. Telemachus

    Bogdanovic’s ceiling

    Some of that will come with time. Both Fox and Bogie get into the paint quite a bit, but aren't rewarded for their efforts. Two things that help a ref swallow his whistle are rookies and bad teams. If they stay aggressive I believe they will start getting more respect from the refs next year.
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    There is no topic

    She looks young for her age. :p
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    There is no topic

    There needs to be a bear in this picture.
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    What are you reading?

    I need to read this one, but can't afford it yet.