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  1. Kingsfan23

    George Hill

    I’m personally very disappointed with his play. He was the vet signing I really looked forward to because he had a been a difference maker over the last stretch, and was known for his character. I thought he was going to immediately step in and average 15+ as a solid option, as paid and...
  2. Kingsfan23

    Surprise playoff run this year

    cue Jim Mora.. Is there anyone here that thinks the Kings can make a surprise run at the 8th spot this season? There is a lot of depth in the West, and not a lot of non competitive teams with the exception of maybe Lakers and Phoenix. By the same token, I think some playoff teams from last...
  3. Kingsfan23

    The direction of the Carter/Randolph signings

    The Kings IMHO did some quality, good things this summer. The draft was solid. Fox looks solid at 5, same with Jackson and hopefully Giles can get back to being a dominant paint presence. Hill is an underrated player still in his prime who many felt had as much to do with Utah's turnaround last...
  4. Kingsfan23

    Kings waive Tolliver (merged)

    Will the team pick up his second year? He's a good guy, but the cap space could help..
  5. Kingsfan23

    Which PG should Kings keep for next year? (revisited)

    Any different ideas on this? Towards the end of the season Ty showed some things as a starter. I guess it depends on price for me. Who can be signed for the cheapest as a fill in for the pick
  6. Kingsfan23

    Pick situation (split)

    The "good stuff" will be seen two years from now If this team retains its top ten pick this year, the pelicans hand over a decent pick, Hield, and the team is able to bottom out next year, there can be a foundation that would have never been here if Cousins wasn't moved. Handing over 200+ to...
  7. Kingsfan23

    Ty Lawson Starting

    is he a better long term option than Collison in your books, and would it help the team more this year for him to get an extended starting look? There are arguments against it like Lawson's WCS connection and his shooting around Cousins, but I think having his energy on the floor for 30+ might...
  8. Kingsfan23

    Ben McLemore

    Is Ben still salvageable at all?
  9. Kingsfan23

    Goal of this season - 8 seed or development

    If the Kings continue to lose this Rockets game they will be 3.5 out (before the end of the Nuggets/Lakers). And the team has obligations to Chicago to relinquish their pick if it's out of the top ten. They also have an easier/home heavy schedule coming up. If you were management would you...
  10. Kingsfan23

    Done playing games with Cousins... (split from game thread)

    I'm done playing games with Cousins. The team wouldn't be in the state it's in with a legit top ten piece
  11. Kingsfan23

    Patience level for WCS? (merged)

    What is the patience level for WCS? Do people favor him getting time? I was for him out of the rotation to start the season.. he made mention of not getting time on twitter
  12. Kingsfan23

    Napear and Cousins

    This question is mainly for us pro-Cousinites out there, but do you view Napear's opinion on his radio show as potentially harmful to Cousins feeling comfortable in re signing here two years from now? I think a lot underestimate the power of media, and viewpoints coming from him, the leading...
  13. Kingsfan23


    Questions? How concerned are you personally? Is it motor or mental? Would you entertain trading him before his value potentially goes lower?
  14. Kingsfan23

    Can Kings coach Dave Joerger break DeMarcus Cousins' bad habits? I think this article really gets to the heart of Cousins being underutilized under Karl "This is where Joerger comes in. Last season, Gasol and Randolph were among the...
  15. Kingsfan23

    Was Stern responsible for Kings staying?

    I do often wonder if stern was integral in this team staying. If there was another commissioner would the kings be in sac? Was stern just following administrative procedure or did he go out of his way
  16. Kingsfan23

    Soccer (Football) Thread

    There will be three World Cup Qualifiers for the US mens team over the next 11 days that could go some way in determining the likelihood of us participating in World Cup 2014 Brazil. Away against Jamaica on 6/7, home against Panama on 6/11, and home against Honduras on June 18. This is the easy...
  17. Kingsfan23

    NBA deadline for new arena Commissioner David Stern revealed that the Ranadive group must meet "a series of benchmarks" for a new arena - or risk losing the Kings to another city. If deadlines are blown, Stern told The Sacramento Bee...
  18. Kingsfan23

    San Jose Sharks Playoff Run

    This could be a short thread.. The Sharks getting ready for Game 7 against the Los Angeles Kings in L.A in the semifinals of the western conf... Gotta admit, not much of a hockey fan, and this game will be the first NHL game I will watch from the opening moment this year.. I know San Jose loves...
  19. Kingsfan23

    Which teams voted FOR relocation? (split)

    I recieved some blowback last time, but it is still itching my curiosity who were the 8 who voted against us, and how has this not leaked with so many involved.. I believe I know 6 with a fair degree of certainty Maloofs - idiots Lacob - Wants Norcal to himself Grousbeck - Hansen associate...
  20. Kingsfan23

    Seattle group raises purchase price SEATTLE -- The Seattle group attempting to buy the Sacramento Kings says it has reached agreement to raise the purchase price by $25 million. Chris Hansen, teaming with Steve Ballmer to lead the group...