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  1. Ron

    The Ongoing Season Comparison

    Just two charts I keep (as a by-product of the prediction game) comparing the Kings' current season with the previous one, in terms of Ws:
  2. Ron

    Omri Casspi with the Dubs

    Hi yall! Just thought I should drop that here, for those who remember Omri fondly... :) He had a GREAT game in GSW tonight, on both ends of the court, as you can see here: ...and here:
  3. Ron

    Comparative Kings' W/L Charts (2017-18 compared to 2016-17)

    Still early, but I figured I would post those charts now, after we balance things up a bit with a W... I will post the updated charts later-on this season, every now and then. Let me know what you think.
  4. Ron

    Prediction game is alive! Join in now and predict Kings' game 39 (Thread is in Fantasy & Games)

    Home Season Openner! And the game is back on. Time to predict the results of Kings' game #1: At G1C vs the Rockets, Wednesday 10/18, 7pm List of all predictors last season: And to you, prediction virgins... :D It's never too late to start... Predictions are accepted HERE till tip-off (in...
  5. Ron

    Kings Prediction Game 2017-18: Coming back home to host the Pistons. We're ON for game 72 (DET)

    Hi everyone. An exciting night !! Kings' first game of the season!! And it's a home game - The Rockets come here on a second night of a B2B, just after facing... GSW!!! (And Casspi!) Think you know how it ends? I hereby launch the 2nd year of the Kings results prediction game! Remember -...
  6. Ron

    Omri Casspi has a new daughter, not just a new contract...

    Our former King, Omri Casspi, just signed a new one-year vet minimum contract with a team that shall not be named, and he has super-high chances to log his first minutes of post-season this year (and even fair chances to land himself a ring :eek:), But today it all probably comes second to the...
  7. Ron

    Omri Casspi

    "New Orleans is waiving forward Omri Casspi, signing guard Reggie Williams, league sources tell @TheVertical. Casspi out with broken thumb." Omri played one (decent) game for them, and will now miss 4-6 weeks again. The Pels just wouldn't wait for him to recover... :( I saw that some of the...
  8. Ron

    A short Boogie&Omri-related survey question about the prediction game

    Would any of you, regular prediction-game dwellers (or KFs in general), be interested in setting up a parallel prediction game about the results of Boogie's & Omri's new team? (Just until the end of the season, I guess) This is deinitely NOT meant for fans of any other teams, nor does it imply...
  9. Ron

    Farewell Omri Casspi, a true King among Kings and one who really wanted to be here.

    A fighter (relentless), a lover (for those who know Shani), a great team-mate, and always a King (twice and counting). We love you, Omri. We can tell you have a true purple heart. It's a good thing you go with Cuz, so you can watch each others backs in there! Make the best of it, man...
  10. Ron

    [Game] Kings vs Clippers, Friday 6 Jan 2017, 22:30 ET / 19:30 PT

    Sorry for starting this one for you, @VF21... I hope it's OK. Predictions are on for Kings' game #37... At G1C vs the Clippers, Friday 1/6, 7:30pm Last call to some remaining regulars: Missed you lately, buddies. Don't be strangers: Never too late to come home, lost brothers: Never...
  11. Ron

    Some Stats, 30 games in: Impact of players on TEAM Ball sharing, Rebounding and Shooting

    Hi everyone! Below are some specific On/Off Court advanced stats I gathered (from this page on to try and see how various Kings' players are effecting our Ball Sharing and Rebounding (two major weaknesses of our team, IMHO). I wasn't sure which of 2 the Ball-Sharing stats (AST%...
  12. Ron

    [Game] Kings @ Jazz - 12/21/16

    No Jazz game thread available yet, so I'll just sneak that in here... Utah has the league's best D by an UNREAL margin! They are #1 in (lowest) Opponent Points #1 in (lowest) Opponent FG% #1 in (lowest) Opponent Assists #3 in (lowest) Opponent Boards (#1 in lowest opponent DREB) But funny...
  13. Ron

    [Game] Kings @ Mavericks - 12/18/16 - 1PT/4ET

    The Mavs game thread is not up yet, and I just had to post it somewhere... :D I know that Dallas is one of the league's worst rebounding teams this season (Perhaps THE worst. I mean, we're not really great in that regard ourselves, and they're much worse)... But I just had to share this image...
  14. Ron

    Israeli press says Casspi may be traded to the Knicks in 2 days

    Link would not help much (Article in Hebrew...). I will try to summarize something later (after we beat those-who-shan't-be-named)
  15. Ron

    Kings 3pt Defense - A Quantitative Scrutiny

    The Kings have made the news (or record books) more than once, with the number of 3pt shots attempted or made against them. :oops: I seem to remember that we are the unwilling record holders for most 3-pointers allowed per season in the history of the NBA - a record we set last year. :( In their...
  16. Ron

    *Just a reminder: Kings Regular Season Prediction Game Thread is in Fantasy & Games

    Just a reminder, for those who didn't notice... Moderators - You are welcome to remove the thread (After you visit the prediction thread yourselves, and make a prediction for game 3 ;))
  17. Ron

    Telemachus Prediction Game 2016-17: (Prediction-) Game Over!! See You in a New Thread Next Season

    Hi everyone!! An exciting night!! I want to try and run a prediction game for tonight, and if it catches - we can go on, and make it a full season game. It's your (our) decision. :) I'd like to propose my own scoring rules, that proved very balanced and successfull in a prediction game that...
  18. Ron

    DMC's Chemistry & Synergy with other Kings - Lineup Stats

    Hi All. There was much ado lately (in these forums at least) about DMC having/lacking chemistry with other players on the team, and about his positivse/negative team impact in general, and specifically on the defensive end. I decided to try and check some lineup stats to get a feeling about...
  19. Ron

    League is dunking on the Kings easily?

    I didn't notice that so badly using the simple eye-test in our games... But it seems that we negatively stand out on D, allowing our opponents the highest FG% in the league BY FAR around our basket (shots taken from less than 5ft): See in the Opponent-Shooting Team Stats, HERE. Weird. I'd...
  20. Ron

    Casspi in Israel's national team

    Here's Omri's production in the first 3 friendly matches he played for the Israeli national team, in preparation for the Eurobasket 2015 next month. (All 3 were losses... the team is really not gelled together so far :(. Casspi was the team's leading scorer in all 3 games, though). Game 1, vs...