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  1. gunks

    Bad news for the tankers... So, apparently Silver and Co want to switch up how the lotto works in an effort to keep teams from tanking for better odds at the top pick.... And these changes would go into effect for THIS UPCOMING SEASON! Long and...
  2. gunks

    Thank you Maloofs!

    Ok...This thread has the potential to be venomous, and I wont hold it against any mod who locks it...But hey, this thread could be cathartic as well! So here goes... Thank you Maloofs for those good years. Y'all spent just as much money as any owner in the league during the...
  3. gunks

    Details on why the sale isnt as close as thought (Seattle Times piece)....

    So basically, even though they would only own a small percentage of the team should the move go through, the Magoofs still want to be in control of running the team, hence the snag on the sale. Wow...This is unbelievable. How could Hansen NOT want the Magoofs to run the team up north?!?! I...
  4. gunks

    Rent-a-Nash?!?! So, Suns might make Nash available. It is also the final year of his contract. Call me crazy, but I think a Nash/Reke/Cousins trio could make a push for the 8th seed. Nash just makes...
  5. gunks

    Thoughts on Smart.... from a Warriors forum

    Just for yuks, I found an old thread with Warriors fans discussing Smart as HC. Interesting to go over, seeing as how he gets to be the next unlucky feller dealing with the mess that is our Sacramento Kings. Especially interesting...
  6. gunks

    Reke vs THE WORLD (Tonight!)

    "The Battle for I-95" Tonight at 6pm. Team Melo (Melo, LeBron, CP3, Durant, Greene, and others) vs Team Philly (Reke, JT, Salmons, and others). Just a bit lopsided in favor of Team Melo :p Also: is live streaming the...
  7. gunks

    Rest Reke?

    Tyreke is clearly not the player he was last season. Now, a lot of that is a result of teams being ready for him this season, but honestly I remember teams packing the paint against Reke last year and it didnt slow him this much. The guy is obviously hurting. Ankles are one thing, but plantar...
  8. gunks

    Beno/Tyreke discussion - split from Slovenion team thread

    Beno has it in him to be a pretty solid PG. I think that's why a lot of us are so frustrated with him. Maybe having Tyreke here will light a fire under him.
  9. gunks

    Clippers shopping #1? "...According to numerous league sources.." Ah the Clippers. If they draft Blake he will undoubtedly bust, if they trade the pick...Future HOFer haha. So, what would yall be willing to trade...
  10. gunks

    Salmons and Miller as valuable draft day commodities? (split from #1 draft pick)

    Go for quantity in a draft lacking in quality. I like it. Its too bad Petrie traded Salmons and (expiring) Miller...I think those guys woulda been valuable draft day commodities. But hey, at least we got Noc.
  11. gunks

    LeBron destroying the Bucks...

    47 pts in 27 minutes so far... I cant wait until 2010 when he signs with us :p edit: I jinxed it...haha
  12. gunks

    Brad back to Chi town for....Tyrus Thomas!

    I have a feeling this trade thread may get bashed a bit. Ah well. It happens to the best of them and I have a thick skin :o Anyways.... I do believe Tyrus is out of favor with the bulls, almost to the point of being called a bust. Mostly because of his horrible offense. However he's only...
  13. gunks

    Thompson looking to crash the boards "I only had four rebounds. I should have had more than that. I'm kind of hard on myself. I still have work to do. But I must have done something right," Thompson said. Its debatable if this...
  14. gunks

    Who's gonna be your bandwagon team?

    Kings suck...No denying it. And we're pretty much stuck with (un)movable pieces until 09 I believe.. Soooo...For those of us who dont like rooting for a team to lose, who's bandwagon are you going to jump on? Portland? Seattle? Celtics? I think my temp teams are gonna be the Sonics...
  15. gunks

    Minutes for Williams and Hawes?

    I'm just a bit troubled after the iffy (at best) signing of Mikki Moore...And now there's still those rumors floating around of a Bibby to Cavs deal with GP wanting Gooden.. If Petrie keeps gathering up these vets and no defense playin jumpshooting bigs...And if he cant unload KT, SAR...
  16. gunks

    Martin/KT trade package...Worth it?

    So we're stuck with a lot of players we dont really want on the team. And I think the decision would be just about unanimous that people would like to get rid of KT first and foremost...Problem is, no GM in their right mind is gonna want a contract like that attached to a 6'7 PF...
  17. gunks

    Who's going to breakout in 07-08?

    Last year it was Kevin Martin, so which one of the team's other youngsters do you guys think is going to have a breakout year? I'm gonna go with Cisco...He's shown flashes his rookie season and last season...So in his third season he's DUE!
  18. gunks

    How to get the #3 pick..

    Ok...Its a simple 3 step process: Step 1: Trade Artest to the T-Wolves for their #7 Step 2: Either trade Bibby and #7 or #10 and #7 to Atlanta for number #3 Step 3: Draft Horford :) Haha...Stranger things have happened :p
  19. gunks

    Artest or Bibby, who would you rather see gone?

    Personally, and as much as it pains me, I'd rather see Bibby go then Artest. I think Artest is a much better player at this point, and although he's a headcase...I'd rather have a guy who hurts us off the court then on it. Bibby was one of my favorites back in the day, but he's changed...I...
  20. gunks

    Trading up?

    I dont believe Petrie has ever done this before...But how about trading up in the draft? Its deep enough that with the right deal a team might be willing to part with a pick in the 4th-6th range. We do have a few pieces that are desired around the league (Bibby, Artest, even SAR) that can be...