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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (MAR/APR)

    Beasley played well against the Pels yesterday ... The guy can flat out score. Defense however ... He's like a much more offensively skilled Derrick Williams.
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    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant their own thread (DEC)

    I'm watching KJ McDaniels for the first time. Must say his athleticism is very impressive
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    New Orleans Pelicans Podcast on Ex-Kings players

    Podcast with Pelicans bloggers and Kings blogger James Ham about all the ex-Kings now on the Pelicans. Not too bad a listen if you've got nothing better to do.
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    Young Kobe and how long it takes youth to develop

    Unrelated to our team, but here's a video of Kobe from way back. Might be interesting to compare him with our own young guys (in terms of time it takes to develop/ star potential etc)
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    Report: Williams for Mbah a Moute Well it looks like we're getting Derrick Williams... and trading away MAM?? There goes our defense. Edit: Saw that this is already sort of being discussed in personnel moves... so mods do as you please
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    Where to get Tickets - Kings@Pacers

    Hi Kings fans, I'll be going to Indiana for a few months on an exchange program in Jan 2014, and as luck would have it the Kings are playing the Pacers in Jan! So I'm hoping some of you could advise me on the best way to get tickets. It will be my first live NBA game, but I'm also a student on...
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    Doug Collins?

    There's speculation that Collins may not be coach of the 76ers for long, after his postgame rant. Do you think he'd be a suitable candidate for our coach next season?
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    Advice on Schools and Life in the States

    Hey fellow Kings fans, a very merry and blessed Christmas to all of you! I'm applying for an exchange program to the USA, and was hoping some of you could give me some advice on what the life and respective areas are like. Here's the list of schools that I can apply to for exchange: 1) Stern...
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    [Game] Kings @ Suns - 12/17/12

    Didn't see a thread for this yet
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    [Game] Kings Vs Lakers - 21/11/2012

    Thought I'd start a thread for once. Kings are up against the Lakers, who are 5-1 since firing Mike Brown. Lakers may be tired from playing Brooklyn last night and running a whole lot more under D'Antoni's new system, but they're also loaded with confidence and playing very well. Kobe has been...
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    Pacers trade Dahntay Jones, Darren Collison to Mavs for Ian Mahinmi Quite surprised - I thought Darren Collison was considered a pretty good young player. To give him up for Ian Mahinmi??
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    Charles Barkley on DeMarcus Cousins

    Nice to see DMC getting some love (and advice) from Sir Charles. Hopefully he'll listen to all the advice that the former or current greats have been giving him. (it's from 2:15 onwards)
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    Would you want to play for the Kings?

    While Keith Smart is a great communicator, I'm pondering the effects that his playing style will have on the team's ability to attract quality FAs. Last offseason, many of us speculated that Kirilenko could possibly want to play with our young, upcoming team alongside 2 potential stars and...
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    Thoughts on Vets and Leadership

    Here's a quick question - do you think a "vet" can be respected if he doesn't contribute game-wise? Our team is short enough on vets as it is, but I'm beginning to worry that the young guys may be facing a problem on top of a shortage of veterans, which is that our veterans flat out suck. I...
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    Some Positives Going Forward

    Well since there are so many negative threads around, I thought I'd start a more positive one, just to remind us what we're supporting, and why we love our team through thick and thin. We lost the game against the Jazz, but I was quite happy with several things. 1. Good individual play by...
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    Our Team and Defense/Effort/ BB IQ

    You know what irritates me the most? It's not that we're losing games. It's that some of our guys don't even look that they want to win the game. The worst part is Tyreke and Thornton are two of these guys. Game after game I see Tyreke just giving up on defense once he gets caught on a screen...
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    Which would you kick yourself over more?

    Say you were the GM of a team with the 1st pick in either the 07-08, 08-09 or 09-10 draft. Of the following "wrong" draft choices, which would you hit yourself in the head more for? This is of course, taking that the players' careers turned out exactly as they have in reality. 07-08: Draft Greg...
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    What Happened to Kings' in-house Media Coverage?

    Wondering what happened to the whole fullcourtpress, Andrew Nicholson stuff. There used to always be a postgame quotes, a game recap article and stuff like that that we'd automatically see in the news feeds section. Now it seems like there isn't much coverage by the Kings organisation/MSE itself...
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    Poor Team Construction?

    Much has been said about the make up of our team defensively - that we lack a shotblocker etc. But how about on the offensive end? Based on the few games I've seen this season, I think the FO made the wrong decision choosing to pursue "guys that can handle and create their own shots"...
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    Free Throw Woes

    We have an NBA team that shoots FTs worse than a high school team. What gives? Is it just a matter of confidence? I find it extremely disturbing that Tyson Chandler shoots better than anyone on our team not named Jimmer.