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  1. macadocious

    Stepien Rule

    Imagine what Vlade could have done!
  2. macadocious

    [Game] Kings vs Pistons, 1/19/2022 7pm PT/10pm ET

    I paid money to watch that crap show live
  3. macadocious

    Trade targets

    Well, this technically works
  4. macadocious

    [Game] Kings at Blazers, 1/9/2022 6pm PT/9pm ET

    I legit wouldn’t be shocked if Gentry quit.
  5. macadocious

    Blow It Up

    Everyone messes up this quote, it’s was Benjamin Jefferson.
  6. macadocious

    [NBA] Comments that don't warrant a thread (JAN)

    And Mitchell had it then too.
  7. macadocious

    [Game] Kings vs Mavs, 12/31/2021 3pm PT/6pm ET

    Some will say we’re 2/3 in the last 2 games, but others will say we were almost 1-3 and the mavs played people I’ve never heard of. Both are right and both are wrong. Regardless I’m spending thousands of dollars annually to watch this crap show. I’m now just rooting for drama in 2022...
  8. macadocious

    [Game] Kings vs Mavs, 12/29/2021 730pm PT/1030pm ET

    I mean, he's alright looking.
  9. macadocious

    [Game] Kings vs. Grizzlies, 12/17/2021 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    I’m nowhere near that, but I took my daughter last night and we left halfway through the 4th. I almost never do that, this game was extenuating circumstances, but I think I’ve seen 2 wins and 7 losses live this year. That sucks.
  10. macadocious

    [Game] Kings vs. Wizards, 12/15/2021 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    So I had seats a couple rows up on the baseline for this game, and in the 4th Neto fouls Fox on a drive. One of the bench players for Wash was chirping at Fox for complaining about the foul. Fox just started arguing with him, showing him where he was fouled, he took the argument to the line and...
  11. macadocious

    Kayte Christensen

    I mean, it should be Kozimor, but it won’t.
  12. macadocious

    Kayte Christensen

    Anyone complaining about Kayte, go back and listen to Napear from 87,88,89, 90, it was comical. He made Draper seem calm.
  13. macadocious

    Blow It Up

    Hey @sactowndog what are your thoughts on our wing situation?
  14. macadocious

    [Game] Kings @ Cavaliers, 12/11/2021 5pm Pacific 8pm Eastern

    So I guess this is a great game to forget we were playing. I just watched the highlights and it was all Fox moving out of the way of players giving them layups and dunks. Was he that defensively apathetic all game. I watch stuff like that and don’t get it, does pride not ever set in for him?
  15. macadocious

    Trade for Sabonis?

    What is this in reference to?
  16. macadocious

    [Game] Kings vs. Magic, 12/9/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    Finally saw a win live, had to happen at some point, right?
  17. macadocious

    Trade for Sabonis?

    You get a new team, and you get a new team....
  18. macadocious

    [Game] Kings vs. Clippers, 12/04/21 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern

    PG got hammered on that drive
  19. macadocious

    [Game] Kings vs. Clippers, 12/04/21 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern

    Is Len shooting w his left in the lane?