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  1. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings at Hawks, 1/26/2022, 7:30pm ET/4:30pm PT

    I know this isn't a new observation, but is anyone else just completely confused as to what is the catalyst behind the way that Holmes has looked on the floor since his return? Luke was a huge reason that he ascended over the past two seasons, and his injury coincided with Luke's firing... So...
  2. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings at Celtics, 1/25/2022 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET

    If you are telling me that I only have to wait 15 more years for the Kings to reach the promise land, I'm all in
  3. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings at Celtics, 1/25/2022 4:30pm PT/7:30pm ET

    This is never getting better, is it?
  4. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings vs Pistons, 1/19/2022 7pm PT/10pm ET

    Back to back losses to the Rockets and Pistons ... Funny sad
  5. chief bromden

    Blow It Up

    This is the least interested I've been in this team since the year they tanked for Tyreke. Can we start by trading Barnes? That dude has been so annoying to watch lately.
  6. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings vs Heat, 1/2/2022 3pm PT/6pm ET

    I love me some Myles Turner, especially his weird gait, ala LMA.
  7. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings vs Heat, 1/2/2022 3pm PT/6pm ET

    Seriously? His foul rate is a big reason. I would say his quickness on D/inability to step out on PnR coverage would be another big reason. Aside from that, I don't think that Damian Jones is that much better than him, but he does seem a bit quicker/more agile than Len so maybe that's why...
  8. chief bromden

    Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas kingsfans!
  9. chief bromden

    Kings have COVID-19 outbreak

    Xmas games are about to be G league showcases
  10. chief bromden

    Coach Gentry gets COVID

    Bunch of teams getting a lot of positives right now. Wouldn't be surprised if more Kings staff/players end up testing positive soon. Time to bubble it up!
  11. chief bromden

    Blow It Up

    So, any chance this thing gets blown up tomorrow?
  12. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings @ Raptors, 12/13/2021 4pm Pacific 7pm Eastern

    Can we be done with the Metu in the starting lineup experiment for a while? I like him better as a bench big
  13. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings @ Cavaliers, 12/11/2021 5pm Pacific 8pm Eastern

    Mobley already 1000x times better than Bagley feels bad, man
  14. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings @ Hornets, 12/10/21 4pm Pacific 7pm Eastern

    Hali keeps passing up shots because his wind up is too slow
  15. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings vs. Magic, 12/9/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    The Kings usually lose these types of games... trying to keep myself from getting too encouraged, but I'm a sucker and will get pumped up for the next one like it's a secret playoff game in December.
  16. chief bromden

    Black Friday Specials - Not Biting

    The two games I've been to haven't been that great. I looked and had the same thought - wait and see. Can't imagine season ticket holders are feeling great seeing tickets discounted for so cheap already. I've been getting emails this season for 50% off tickets since the game after the season...
  17. chief bromden

    Fire Walton

    I can always count on you to bring it every night, SLAB. lol
  18. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings vs. Raptors, 11/19/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    I went to the game, second of the season. Crowd is a fraction of what it was two years ago.. is that Covid related? or because the Kings are trash? Man, that last year with Joerger (with all his faults) was fun. I went to 11 games that year and that place was rockin. The Yogi chant was...
  19. chief bromden

    [Game] Kings @ Wolves, 11/17/21 5pm Pacific 8pm Eastern

    I want to see Davion vs Pat Bev