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  1. KainLear

    Hield and Simmons

    I know, and I hate it too. But I'm willing to give up more for Ben Simmons. I'm willing to give up anyone not named Fox and Haliburton for such a 5-star talent even without him fixing his shots. It is simply a much better gamble than venturing into the draft to find someone at the 9th who...
  2. KainLear

    Hield and Simmons

    Yes. steelevt gets me. :p I mean, to be fair, it is a huge gamble on the Kings' end to lose a 40%+ 3 point shooter (not to mention who'd always willingly give you 120% effort either he plays well or not, and had displayed an urgency in help defense), and a big man who still has high potential...
  3. KainLear

    Hield and Simmons

    I think anything short of giving up the backcourt dynamic duo is a win for me. As much as Ben Simmons was exposed in this Playoffs, he's still a multi-talented oversized wing who's 24 years old. Personally, if I was the Sixers I'd much rather be spending millions on finding a sports...
  4. KainLear

    Hield and Simmons

    Just a random shower trade thought. Buddy + Marvin (+ 2021 1st to leverage more) for Ben Simmons? Morey and McNair are close friends (according to some podcast I remember listening to). Alternate fantasy scenario, would you do it?
  5. KainLear

    Fire Walton

    We, well, I got sold the bill of goods. I thought every move a franchise do should be driven by trying to win. I have never and will never root for tanking. Honestly. Every season we have full 2 rounds of rookies and buncha undrafted players trying to make it before, during, and after the draft...
  6. KainLear

    Fire Walton

    I am slowly getting the feeling that they might be sticking with Walton next year for that specific reason (making the Playoffs) because, if I put myself in McNair's shoes, I'd be smart to do that simply because by the end of next season, I can either fire him due to missing the Playoffs, or...
  7. KainLear

    Fire Walton

    Luke Walton ‘very confident’ he will return as Kings’ coach next season By Kurt Helin May 15, 2021, 11:00 AM EDT For the second straight season, Luke Walton’s Sacramento Kings team will finish well below .500, will not seem to have taken a step forward — the two nine-game losing streaks were...
  8. KainLear

    [SI] De'Aaron Fox and the Kings Are Building for the Future

    They’ll have to make a decision on coach Luke Walton, whose job security was questioned in a recent piece by The Athletic's Shams Charania and Sam Amick. One factor in Walton’s favor: his growing rapport with Fox, who called him “someone that I’ve grown to trust.” Jerome Miron/USA TODAY Sports...
  9. KainLear

    What If?

    I'll take any win against the Lakers disregarding if it was a charity game in Thomas and Mack, NBA 2K tournament, skill challenge, 3 pt shootout... at any point no matter what phase our team is in, rebuilding or contending.
  10. KainLear

    [Game] Kings vs. Spurs, 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

    Looking at the impact of TD, Harkless, and most importantly Delon, I can't help but wonder where the highly critical sac town dog is where you need him... oh never mind, I must have had him on ignore already...
  11. KainLear

    Fox update

  12. KainLear

    New Head Coach options

    More importantly, can he or his brother coach? :p
  13. KainLear

    [Game] Kings @ Lakers, Friday April 30th 7:30 Pacific, 10:30 Eastern

    You're giving them too much credit... It's basically scrimmage.
  14. KainLear

    Fox out 10-14 days - Health and Safety Protocol

    Do facts still relevant or is this even real life? 1: "Instead he dithered and got nothing"? He got what he wanted in Donte Divenchenzo but the leak F'd us up. 2: Delon is part of the rebuild. With Fox and Haliburton, Delon is the flexible piece who can come out give you at least one of the...
  15. KainLear

    Marvin Bagley unbreaks hand!

    I was reading along intently and agreeing, until step 3... ... I'm sorry but step 3 really broke my illusion. :p
  16. KainLear

    [Game] Kings at Pelicans, Monday April 12th, 6 PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern)

    May I suggest... "No more Fox to give?"
  17. KainLear

    Fire Walton

    I'd let Kermit the Frog take a shot at it after tonight's game.
  18. KainLear

    [Game] Kings at Timberwolves, 4/5/2021, 4 PM Pacific 7PM Eastern

    I hope that you're wrong. But I have no proof of that whatsoever.