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  1. sacgirl88

    [Game] Kings at Timberwolves, 1/15/14 8PM EST/5PM PST

    HAHA I remember that commercial
  2. sacgirl88

    Outlaw at SF

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaah :d
  3. sacgirl88

    Top 50 Free Agents I thought I read somewhere that Chase was returning to the T-wolves. "Free-agent forward Chase Budinger has reached agreement on a three-year, $16 million contract to return to the Minnesota Timberwolves...
  4. sacgirl88

    Kings Fans Only

    done =D
  5. sacgirl88

    Any desert island drafts this summer?

    hm i might be interested.....
  6. sacgirl88

    Tosh.0 Sacramento Taxi Driver Skit

    "Hey Maloofs quit smoking the chronic.Don't turn my Kings into the Super-Sonics" hhahaha
  7. sacgirl88

    KF Kings Prediction Poll #1: How Will Tyreke Do This Season?

    I could see Evans averaging 20/5/5 but i could also see him average 18pts 4reb 4ast, 2nd/3rd just depends if has a more improved shot,and how he is used.
  8. sacgirl88

    Family Pets

    [/IMG] [/IMG] my pets the dog name is Rosie,and the cat is Willie :D
  9. sacgirl88

    kings win coin flip

    I like this :D I would love to see the kings win the lottery and draft Davis
  10. sacgirl88 Kings Win Tiebreaker With Nets

    so, the worst the kings could get in the lottery is 8th??
  11. sacgirl88

    The Carmichael Dave thread

    Thanks Dave!! Sacramento proved the doubters wrong.
  12. sacgirl88

    Donté Greene planning charity basketball game in Sacramento?

    yep I started all this with one simple tweet..
  13. sacgirl88

    Donté Greene planning charity basketball game in Sacramento?

    http:// "Sacramento has proven before that a simple tweet can spark a major idea. So the possibility of a barnstorming exhibition featuring your favorite Sacramento Kings isn’t out of the...
  14. sacgirl88

    what was the last movie you watched?

    I have seen 50/50-Good story for a movie that is about a guy who has cancer. they still make it funny,but also make it seem real. money-ball--good movie even for people who don't really like baseball. and dolphin tale--it was a cute movie.
  15. sacgirl88

    Drew league and Goodman league face off:

    yeah i noticed that to. Those other guys played in that game.. and I wonder why Tyreke's name isn't on the list anymore....
  16. sacgirl88

    Kings trading pick!

    WojYahooNBA Adrian Wojnarowski There's sense Kings could be leveraging Spurs with leak of possible deal in place for 7th pick. Kings don't want Jefferson in Parker deal
  17. sacgirl88

    Kings trading pick!

    That would be good.. either of those players would be a good fit here.. I was hoping that the kings could draft Knight, =)
  18. sacgirl88

    Kings trading pick!

    AHAHH... I can't wait to know..
  19. sacgirl88

    Tony Parker for 7th

    Exactly I think he would be a good Vet to help the team.
  20. sacgirl88

    Who do you want at #7? And who will slide?

    First Round: Brandon Knight, Jimmer, Kemba, Kawhi Second Round: norris Cole, Josh Selby,Chandler Parsons