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  1. Aenadin

    $70 million of unplayable, untradable contracts

    I will be up in arms if the management does not amnesty either salmons/outlaw this off season problem is we only have one bullet in the chamber - who does it go to?? Salmons due to age for me
  2. Aenadin

    How Could We Possibly Get Burkle?

    Things I want us to go after... cause owner and FO needs to change badly 1. ARENA - its moving from what I have read its gaining grounds right? 2. BURKLE - if number 1 comes true Burkle is a possibility also if the maloofs continue to go on financial deficit going cheap, I really think...
  3. Aenadin

    Tyreke over Rubio(it has to be said)

    2 years in and there's still no improvement in the jumpshot. and I havent seen enough to say he improved his decision makig, his defense though is good but not as good as the other in his rook year.. you can't blame all of that on a coach, that's his doing... team tyrekes failure does not extend...
  4. Aenadin

    [Game] Sac @ Por 1/23/12

    same as rubios ;)
  5. Aenadin

    [Game] Sac @ Por 1/23/12

    at this point i wouldnt mind seeing the rookies get some burn time....
  6. Aenadin

    Evans for Wall

    how about marcus thornton and JJ hickson and IT for Ty lawson and birdman?
  7. Aenadin

    Ricky Rubio WILL be the best passer in the league, sooner then you think too.

    That's the thing, that doesnt mean that will translate to the court whatever smothering his mom did im pretty sure he is still the point guard he is on the court. they made a boo-boo with that one.. he was a kid then.. and who knows how close his family ties are.. here its pretty normal for an...
  8. Aenadin

    Ricky Rubio WILL be the best passer in the league, sooner then you think too.

    it would have been worth the wait.. and he WAS what the team needed at the time and he would have made this team much better. management probably felt otherwise.. sucks we didnt get him and it will haunt me and a few kings fans who were adamant about getting him as he continues to get better...
  9. Aenadin

    Tonight's game: More proof why our starting lineup should be...

    yeah just camp on the highpost and take jumpshots :D
  10. Aenadin

    Ricky Rubio WILL be the best passer in the league, sooner then you think too.

    i honestly dont know how i feel about it right now.... but when you get an opportunity to bring in a talent like that im all in.. wouldnt you trade our cornerstones for derrick rose for example? ;) not saying rubios on his level
  11. Aenadin

    Ricky Rubio WILL be the best passer in the league, sooner then you think too.

    also guys will ENJOY playing on your team with rubio.. you know you will get the ball you will score.. and look good thus getting a bigger paycheck in the future... Rubio is getting better and better and he is already starting under adelman that says a lot. we know adelman doesn't like to give...
  12. Aenadin

    [Game] Kings at Mavs, 1/14

    didnt smart say the team will be a running team... has it taken its toll that most of our players are dead tired or somethinG? everytime they go down or something doesnt go their way team reverts back to 1 on 1 (saw that in a couple of games before)
  13. Aenadin

    [Game] Kings at Mavs, 1/14

    The wizards say hello :D
  14. Aenadin

    Which would you kick yourself over more?

    Oden over durant no doubt about it
  15. Aenadin

    New Title (mods): Official Kumbaya Thread

    I got to give it to sactownfan's passion though he really wants this team to win and succeed... so whats this campfire and beer i been hearing about? ;)
  16. Aenadin

    [Grades] Grades v. Rockets 1/13/12

    salmons doesnt need to step up he needs to step out of the floor and sit on the bench. for fredette how can he step up if he takes like 3 or 4 shots a game doesnt get the ball in the right time. hickson athletic kind of small for the 4 but when productive is pretty solid. team needs more...
  17. Aenadin

    [Game] Kings v. Houston 14/01/12

    DMC - yes but he looks tired.. not to mention daly sort of got in his head Jimmer - no why? how can he be effective if he doesnt get the touches convinced he really is ignored. Hickson - yes bone headed moves.. but athletic enough to go for a rebound. SALMONS - oh hell yeah! the hell is this...
  18. Aenadin

    [Game] Kings v. Houston 14/01/12

    Wow Salmons really????
  19. Aenadin

    [Game] Kings v. Houston 14/01/12

    Good game so far
  20. Aenadin

    Why is Jimmer still starting?

    because the last thing you want to do is shake his confidence a little more... starting him gives him more experience which will help the team in the long run. and let's face it we caught the raps unaware with IT. its not going to happen on a consistent basis.