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    Potential draft picks.

    I definitely wouldn't of bumped if Davis sucked! haha every raps game I watch he kills it, hes a great per minute player. Im happy with Justin James aswell but Kings could of had James and Davis! Can we trade Vlade and some second rounders for Masai? Or just hire me to oversee all future moves?
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    Potential draft picks.

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    Potential draft picks.

    Davis lighting it up, wish we took him!
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    Trades before the Deadline

    I think they should try and get Myles Turner. Sabonis is dominating right now, dropping triple double type numbers and Turners value is at a low point. He can hit the three, is a shot blocking master and would fit next to Bagley.
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    RIP Kobe - tributes and condolences

    RIP Legend.
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    Star Wars IX: The Rise of Skywalker (WARNING: may contain BOXED spoilers}

    *semi spoilers* A lot of the movie felt forced and the writing seemed lazy and rushed. Some of the main characters were a little to OP for my liking. With that being said I had fun watching it and I think I enjoyed it the most out of all the sequels.
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    Richaun Holmes Appreciation Thread

    Hes ranked 14th in the league in fantasy value right now.. Ahead of guys like Jokic, Embiid, Gobert.. Unbelievable season thus far. I wish he would start shooting threes, theres so many times he sets a pick a pops out to the arc and he's wide open. He cant be any worse then Dedmon from deep.
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    [Game] Kings at 76ers - Wednesday, Nov. 27 - 4 PT, 7 ET

    he embarrases everyone he defends.
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    [Game] Kings at Toronto, Wednesday Nov. 6th, 4:30 PM PT/7:30 PM ET

    Original Gangsta Anunoby is amazing. What a player. Thats the type of wing defender the Kings need. wish vlad would of drafted him
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    Bagley just average - nothing more, nothing less (split)

    Siakim hasnt proven anything? He dominated in the playoffs! Dude rose up out of the G League out of nowhere and became a dominant force on an nba championship team. The first one Toronto has ever won. He won MIP last year! What more does he have to prove? Also, Raps were actually an incredible...
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    Bagley just average - nothing more, nothing less (split)

    I do think they need to find another star player if they truly wanna compete. A defensive beast. Maybe they get him this draft, maybe they trade for him, maybe he signs in a cuple years. But to say theres no visible winning path going forward is just wrong imo. Siakim is all the proof i need...
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    Bagley just average - nothing more, nothing less (split)

    So it is possible that bigs like that can get rings. Good, thats all i need to know. Hes 20 and is prolly 4-6 years away from truly being close to his max potential. I ain't fretting. I can easily see him knocking down close to 2-3 treys a game in the future. I can also see him being top 5 in...
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    [Game] Kings at Toronto, Wednesday Nov. 6th, 4:30 PM PT/7:30 PM ET

    i've been watchin most of the raps games this year and they're still legit. Anunobys filled in nicely for Kawhi, hes been a monster defensively. Reminds me of Artest. Lowrys been lighting it up aswell. Should be a fun game.